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Friday, July 14, 2006

Bernice & Friends At Johnni Walker's Function

Bernice Liu, Linda Chung, Annie Lau and Vivien Yeo took part in an event for Johnnie Walker yesterday and competed in a cocktail making contest, where Bernice took the winner beating favourite Linda.

Making her cocktail with fruit, mint and birds nest,
Bernice indicated that her father loves to drink, so with her exposure, she won the contest. As for all her recent ads bringing in the money for her, Bernice and her parents have been out looking at apartments in the hope of moving into a larger home: "My ideal home will have to accommodate my two dogs. Earlier, I was bitten by mosquitoes whilst filming in the rural areas and my legs swelled up, but fortunately when I got home and saw my dogs, it made me feel much happier."

Linda losing the contest, she has a lot of experience too because her father and a friend have collaborated in a wine cellar business so she has grown up there, playing in the cellars and tasting the wine. Asked if she has been keeping Ekin Cheng company whilst he has been complaining about being bored, she laughs: "I would like to work with him again, maybe later we will go out for dinner in a big group."

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