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Friday, July 28, 2006

Bernice Liu At A Kid's Modelling Event

Bernice Liu joined model Janet Ma and children's TV host Lulu Koi for a Kid's Modelling event as judges and Janet and her son Wong Yuek Wing gave a demonstration on the catwalk as little Yeuk Wing showed that he has inherited his mother's genes as he did the walk very professionally.

As well as being a guest,
Bernice also did a dancing contest with some of the children, but even before she had performed, she had already admitted defeat: "I will definitely lose because they are smiley and sweet, so the two little ones will win over the audience no matter how they dance! The two older ones have been practising hard, unlike me because I have been busy filming, so I will definitely lose to them!"

Bernice has a great talent for dancing and she was very happy that the dance-related events are inviting her to take part: "I feel that children in Hong Kong are very hard working and have a lot of pressure. Dancing can help to de-stress as well as develope one's confidence. It was a shame that there was not as much extra-curricular activities in Canada for me, otherwise it would have come in very useful for the beauty pageants. (Do you have plans to open a dance school?) At the moment I would like to learn to be a good artiste and do my acting job well first." Bernice headed out to America yesterday evening to shoot a secret ad, with the short trip lasting just three days.

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