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Monday, July 17, 2006

Bernice Liu Talking About Rainy Love Plots

In celebration of the anniversary of radio program “巴巴閉邊個夠我查篤撐”, the host Eileen Cha has organised a function about it. She has also invited eight new and popular artists including Alex Fong (Lik Sun), Ron Ng, Justin Lo, Bosco Wong, Bernice Liu, Stephanie Cheng, Stephy Tang and Fiona Sit. Together they displayed creativity as they joined forces and created an unique ‘child’s heart umbrella’ according to the theme toys of the childhood. A charity bazaar will be held during August at the APM mall in Kwun Tong with the raised money donated to a children’s foundation.

Yesterday two artists Ron and Bernice accepted an interview from the program’s host. When they talked about the sketch of their design concept for the ‘child’s heart umbrella’, both of them shared their little umbrella stories. Ron said that since he was little he liked the ‘traffic light’ game the most and thus he used it as his main theme for his designs. He expressed that he liked the game ‘traffic light’ because one doesn’t need anything to play it. One can play it anytime and everywhere with his or her friends, every time it was his turn to shout he would be delighted. When he thinks back about his childhood, he doesn’t have that many toys. Even a bicycle was a luxurious toy, therefore simple games like ‘hide and seek’ and ‘traffic light’ are his childhood favourites. Talking about stories related to umbrella’s, Ron said that he collects umbrella’s since his childhood. He will travel to different places around the world to collect attractive umbrella’s. The majority of his collection are Chinese-styled umbrella’s like handle designs of bamboo or cane. Also when he is shooting an ancient series, he will also inquire with the stage master where he could buy characteristic umbrella’s. He also said: “Actually umbrella’s don’t have to be too special as the most important is that one likes the printing. For example, I also have feminine polka dots and gentlemen’s umbrella’s in my collection.” And Bernice has chosen a ‘music chair’ as the main theme of her design because she has been introduced to music in her early years. She learned dancing, playing piano and other music instruments. She thinks that the game ‘music chair’ makes children very happy. She also thinks that this game can teach the children to connect with each other as well as establish friendships. During this program, Bernice also shared an umbrella-related story. She expressed that at her birth place it rains most of the days. Every day, the weather changes can also be very big as it could be snowing in the morning, while in the afternoon there could be a cloudburst. Therefore an umbrella is very important to her. As she often has to carry groceries over the street, she prefers small umbrella’s.

In addition, Bernice also talked about her newest series with Bosco. There will be a scene where she will walk with Bosco through the rain. Regarding to rain, she sees it as a romantic occasion. She said that strolling with a boyfriend through the rain is very sweet.

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