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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Boom Boom Boom! Chubby Myolie With Old Lady Underwear Plus 40 Inches Bottom

Myolie sacrificed a lot for the new series "FTHS", in fifty days added 35 pounds to her body, becomes a chubby fadan, on June 25, under a extreme heat alert, Myolie risk suffering from heat-stroke, filmed under the sun for five hours, because of her new body image, Myolie

needed to spend over a thousand dollar to purchase some new underwear, including those extra large 'old-lady' underpants, what a sacrifice for her.

Myolie is currently at 145 pounds, her measurement has changed dramatically. Myolie has suggested before that she won't be purchasing any new underwear, however, this is no longer the case. She has recently purchased some new underwear, avoid any uncomfortability.

At seven o'clock in the morning, Myolie starting filming at Chim Sha Tsui for "FTHS", our reporters found out the green-pants Myolie, exposing her new old-lady style underpants, perhaps it was too early in the morning, and the weather was extremely bad, Myolie's performance wasn't very good. All the sweats, heavy breathing, Myolie's acting and position movement were all a mess, director has yelled "cut" several times, after 'NG' for the fourth and fifth times, the always well behaved Myolie called out to the director, "It's not good again, what about the one before, wasn't that good?"

Later on, the filming was moved to Kwon Tong Road, director asked Myolie to run back and forth on the street, the slim Myolie of course won't have any problems with that, however, the chubby Myolie found out her feet wasn't listening to her, very difficult to run, not only does the director refused to accept her performance, he scolded at Myolie, "Hung Yee, can you be more serious." On the fifth attempt, director accepted the filming, the almost fainted Myolie, immediately called upon her assistant to use the hand-fan to keep her cold, when she realized there was more time to rest, she immediately got on a van for air conditions.

After half an hour of resting in the van, Myolie was feeling a little better, however, the next scene for her was about Myolie being dumped by her boyfriend, and needed to cry. Despite Myolie's dad in the series, Chuen Wong, taught Myolie how to get into the character, and the director also gave Myolie half an hour to develop her emotions, when the time comes for filming, chubby Myolie wasn't able to cry, no tears in her eyes what so ever, director didn't want the crew to suffer from all the heat, asked Myolie to use eye drop for finish the scene instead.

Myolie added 30 pounds to her body, definitely something that she was willing to sacrifice for, however, rumors have it that there will be scenes later on in the series about Myolie being slimmer, therefore, chances are Myolie will have to lose weight within three months, thirty pounds or so, going up and going down, such a huge sacrifice for Myolie. At the year end Best Actress Award, is definitely for her to win.

Chubby Myolie was filming under the sun for five hours at 33 degrees celsius, family doctor Kwan suggested that chubbier people are easier to suffer from heat stroke under the sun, "Myolie is so chubby now, and keep on eating, despite there isn't any rules suggesting how long a person needs to stay under the sun before getting a heat stroke, it all depends on the person's body, but chubby people is definitely easier to suffer from it." Dr. Kwan suggested to Myolie to keep drinking water, and keep herself away from direct sunlight.

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