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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Female Judges Dazzled Up For Mr. HK Competition

Yesterday, a group of carefully and beautifully dressed female celebrities entered TVB’s grounds to be part of the Mr. Hong Kong Competition. Among the group, Myolie Wu with her new body shape, was most eye catching. Wearing a low cut dress, her fleshy body was revealed, extremely cute!

Myolie was eye catching because of her body size, Rosemary’s selling point was her sexiness as she wore a deep v gown. Bernice, on the other hand, who is well known for her model like body, was not dressed for sex appeal as she dressed up in a $269,000 lady like frock.

Rain Li, holding an angelic look, told reporters that as this is the first time, she is very interested to experience being a judge.

In the past years, female judges have felt the urge to touch the
Mr. Hong Kong Contestants. This year, Rain, Yumiko Cheng and Christine Ng, also wanted to touch the contestants. Fala Chen was the only one who could not control her urge to touch the Mr. HKs.

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