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Friday, July 14, 2006

Fennie Yuen Refuses To Discuss Past Love Rumors

Earlier in June, on Michelle Reis Lee Ka Yan's birthday, her ex-flame, Mr. Lau had spent $200,000 to place a birthday ad for her, causing much gossip in Hong Kong. Many people found the gesture to be quite romantic. In the past, Fennie Yuen Kit Ying had also had rumors with Mr. Lau. Fennie was on the show 女人的禁區 ("Women's Forbidden Area") hosted by Michelle Ye and Lui Yu Yeung and when approached by reporters to comment on Mr. Lau's gesture, Fennie refused to say much.

The show's topic was about the pain in losing a relationship. Having been in several relationships,
Fennie admitted that she was the one who decided to end the relationship in most cases, so she has not experienced the real pain of losing a relationship.

When reporters mentioned Michelle Reis' birthday ad, Fennie did not wish to comment at first, only saying, "I am not afraid to discuss the matter, but it is already so many years ago. There is not much left to say. However, if there is a man who placed an ad to express his love for me, I would rather he use the money for charitable causes! I would be happier! Or rather, he should express his love in front of me!"

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The Sun


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