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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Gia Lin Officially Justin's Ex Rumoured Girlfriend

Justin Lo and Gia Lin were guest performers at Kelly Chen’s mini concert but did not perform together. After answering questions of reporters, Gia left quickly after the concert ended. It is believed that she did not want to bump into Justin, causing embarrassment. Gia disclosed that she has been working on the movie ‘大丈夫2’ where she is paired with a member of Shine. Eric Tsang, Jordan Chan, Marsha Yuan and Teresa Mo feature in this movie. When asked if she was afraid of sparking rumours with Eric Tsang, causing her not to be paired up with Eric, Gia expressed that Eric and Teresa play married couples in the movie.

When the topic of
Justin also performing on the night, Gia laughed and said that she was unaware of that. But when questioned if she will leave only after watching Justin’s performance, Gia expressed that there was no need as she has seen Justin perform before. Gia was then asked about what she thought about the recent Miriam and Justin rumours. Regarding such issues, Gia explained that she rarely speaks to Justin about this matters but she is happy if Justin is happy. Gia then stated that she is officially Justin’s ex rumoured girlfriend.

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