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Friday, July 07, 2006

Gigi Lai & Kevin Cheng In New TVB Series, 'Enjoyable Life'

Gigi Lai Chi, Kevin Cheng Ka Wing, Ben Wong Chi Yin, Astrid Chan Chi Ching and Paul Chun Pui were at the costume fitting for new TVB series "Enjoyable Life"(寫意人生).

In the series, Gigi will act as a talented woman who is disabled. Her calligraphy skills are very good, but she can not use her right hand. Gigi is now training her left hand in using chopsticks and writing her own name, but have not had much success yet.
Gigi's teenage years will be portrayed by EEG's newcomer, Yuen Ka Yi. Actually, Gigi and Ka Yi's features look quite alike and Gigi mentioned that she will be taking a photo with Ka Yi for memories' sake.

Recent tabloid reports said that Kenix Kwok Ho Ying has become the third party in Hacken Lee and Emily Lo Suk Yi's relationship, but Gigi said that she has not seen the reports yet. Since Gigi had rumors with Frankie Lam at one point, then shouldn't she know Kenix quite well? Gigi said embarrassingly that her relationship with Kenix is okay.

There were additional tabloids that called Gigi, Kevin Cheng, and Sunny Chan Kam Hung "pineapple chicken" on the night of TVB executive, Lok Yi Ling's birthday, showering Ms. Lok with praise. Gigi again said she did not read the reports so she will not respond to the rumors.

Kevin also found the rumors of "pineapple chicken" to be humorous. He said that he sat next to Ms. Lok that night because there were many people there and there were no prearranged seats. But Kevin only intended to sit next to his music instructor, Lau Ka Cheung.

Tabloids reported that Kevin has earned more than $1.74 million (HKD) from his recent slimming ad and public appearances. Kevin laughed and said he wished that he earned as much. Despite the satisfying fees, he did not want to reveal the exact amount of his endorsement fee.

Since Kevin is making good money now, did Dai Si Chung request Kevin to share his profits? Kevin did not respond to the matter and said that his lawyer will be handing it instead.


TVB's new series
"An Easy Life" held it's costume fitting yesterday at TVB City and cast members including Gigi Lai, Kevin Cheng, Ben Wong, Astrid Chan and Paul Chun made an appearance. Gigi will be playing a literary talent and EEG newcomer Kathy Yuen will be playing the teen version of her character. The two look quite alike, so Gigi laughs that she will have to take a photo with her as a souvenir. Kathy says she is quite nervous about working with Gigi.

Gigi says that this is the first time she has played a person with a disability. The story tells that she is an extraordinary calligraphist, but she is unable to move her right hand. As a result, Gigi has had to learn to use her left hand to use chopsticks and to write her name, but she has not yet succeeded. As she will have a romantic story with Kevin, will he have to feed her? She laughs she does not know yet. With the recent news about Kenix Kwok supposedly having an affair with Hacken Lee, does Gigi, who was earlier linked to Kenix's husband Frankie Lam know Kenix very well? She seemed a little embarrassed as she said that she does know Kenix, but she has not seen the reports and does not want to comment on it. As for other reports that together with Kevin and Sunny Chan, they were pandering to Lok Yee Ling at her birthday party, she says that she has no comment because she has not seen these reports either. Gigi is not worried about rumours working with Kevin because they have already co-operated together in "Psychic Cop" and everything was fine.

Asked about the same event,
Kevin says that he will take no notice and just treat it as a joke and not be angry. As for the suggestions that he was sitting next to Ms. Lok all evening, he explains that as there were a lot of people there on the night and the seats were not allocated, then he chose to sit with teacher Lau Ka Cheung. He feels that the reports are very pointless. Quizzed about another report that suggests that he has earned over $1 million for a slimming ad as well another $1.74 million from his appearances, he laughs that he wishes he could earn this kind of money and admits that he accepts ads for the fee and not for fun, so the fee is very satisfactory. Pushed about whether his former manager Tai Si Chung is still taking a cut of his earnings, he refused to comment further, saying that the matter is in the hands of his lawyers.

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