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Friday, July 14, 2006

Jessica Hsuan & Cindy Au On "15/16"

Jessica Hsuan, Cindy Au and Benz Hui took part in filming for quiz show "15/16" yesterday and new hosts Eric Tsang and Jerry Lamb arrived late and it turned out that this was because Jerry's son was not feeling well.

With reports that
Cindy will be marrying Roger Kwok in November at Disneyland, Cindy smiled sweetly and said: "It should be this year, but we haven't decided on the location. I would prefer either Japan or America more." She says that Roger had proposed to her two years earlier: "He did not buy me a ring then, so I have to put some weight on because with fatter fingers, I need a bigger diamond." Cindy also says that having children is something she has to do.

Jessica and Benz congratulated Cindy and Jessica said: "I can retire as Roger's 'lo por jai' (wife) now because he has a real wife!"

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