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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Jolie Reveals Ella Saying Her Brother Is Handsome

Jade Kwan, Jolie Chan and Ella Koon attended a Metro hoping to encourage the middle-school student to respect the intellectual property rights. During this, Jolie revealed that her younger brother had just returned to Hong Kong from Canada. "Ella kept saying that my brother is good looking! My brother's not bad, I don't mind him having 'sister brother love'" Jolie said. After hearing what Jolie said, Ella immediately denied and said " I won't be dating now, my career is at first place right now. I only think of him as a younger brother!" Ella was asked if she had seen Jolie's fire brigade boyfriend, but Jolie answered for her " We're only normal friends, even if she's seen him, she probably forgot!"

[X] credit: Sparkling Tearz @ Sweet Ella
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