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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Kevin Cheng Got Fined $700 For Speeding In USA

Kevin Cheng took part in a BMW new car release event yesterday and wearing a cream suit, he appeared driving the new Z4 two door racing car, causing some screams from his waiting fans. Kevin reveals that his father liked BMW's a lot, so he was influenced into being a fan from a very early age. He also says that he likes this $750,000 car very much because it's exterior is very stylish and there are just two seats, so there is no room for the mother-in-law! He smiles that if the dealership will give him a good price, then he will consider buying a new car.

Kevin adds: "I like driving fast and once on an American highway, I raced my friend and we hit speeds of 200 km/h, but we ended up being chased by police cars and helicopters and were fined US$700. This is the biggest fine I have had to pay for speeding."
Kevin Cheng was the guest for yesterday's BMW conference. The company arranged for Kevin to enter the stage while driving a new race car worth 750,000 Yuan. When he said that this is like his dream car, he was asked whether he will buy one to ask girls out. He quickly said, "My looks are already enough! Why should I buy a car then? Although I am drooling over the car, the car only has two seats. My car right now is already too small to fit other workers in it. I want to buy a car that is convenient."

Kevin expressed that he isn't willing to spend alot of money on a car, but is willing to buy a watch to treat himself. But the limit is 100,00 Yuan, he said, "Right now I have the capability to buy watches but not cars." When asked if he had sped up while driving a car, he said he hasn't in Hong Kong. But while he was studying in America, he tried racing someone to Las Vegas. As a result, he ended up with a ticket fining him $700 USD.

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