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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Kevin Cheng Is Happy To Add Another Watch To His Collection

Annie Lau and Kevin Cheng took part in a private party earlier for a watch sponsor, where they were both presented with a new designer watch. Annie says that she never used to wear watches until she entered the industry and she treats them as accessories. Asked if any men have presented her with watches, she says they haven't as she usually buys her own.

Kevin was happy that he has another watch for his collection, which he started a couple of years ago. He has seven so far and he hopes to be able to collect twenty. Kevin has never given a watch to a woman, but he says he is quite a romantic and once learned how to bake a cake to make a girlfriend happy. Talking of reports that TVB executive Virginia Lok sees him as her godson and that he presented her with an expensive watch for her birthday, Kevin laughs that he sees Ms. Lok as a big sister and they have not adopted each other. Also he cannot afford to buy her expensive gifts and would not feel right about giving her a plastic one. As for his rumoured girlfriend Niki Chow due to celebrate her birthday soon, will he be giving her a watch? He replied saying: "It is my birthday soon too!"

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