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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Kevin Cheng: My Mother Thinks I Am Better Looking Than Mike He!

Kevin Cheng joined Nancy Wu, Natalie Tong and Elaine Yiu at a charity T-shirt selling event and as well as taking part in the selling, he also played games with the public. The proceeds for the sale will be donated to Orbis. For Kevin who suffers from astigmatism, but not short sightedness, he has found his vision a little blurry lately and he thinks he might be suffering from long sightedness due to old age, so he will need to take steps to protect his vision.

As for reports that Taiwanese star
Mike He will be coming to film in Hong Kong for TVB, is Kevin worried about this threat? He says lightly: "He speaks Mandarin and I speak Cantonese, so our roles are different and our cultures are different. He will probably play a Mandarin speaker, so there isn't much conflict." Kevin also feels that everyone should show their own talents and he has worked with Thai and Singaporean artistes in the past and this has gained him a lot of experiences. Who is more handsome in comparison? Kevin laughs: "Haha! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, my mother thinks I am better looking!"

Talking of the news of
Sir Run Run Shaw's health and the changes at the TVB top, Kevin says that this is not his concern because it will not affect him.

Nancy performed a song on stage, but seemed a little out of tune. She says that it was because she has been busy lately and has not had time to practise her singing, but she hopes she will have the chance to sing a theme song in the future.


Yesterday Kevin Cheng was at a t-shirt charity. Regarding Mike He signing with TVB to challenge the four siu sungs, Kevin is also a victim of it. He said, "I don't have any opinions. Everyone will work on their own things. He can speak Mandarin as a Taiwanese person and I'll speak Cantonese as a Hong Kong person. There aren't any conflicts between our roles." When asked if he thinks Mike or himself is more handsome, he laughed and said, "People have their own opinions. My mom would probably think I'm more handsome and Mike's mom will think he is more handsome!"

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