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Friday, July 14, 2006

Kevin Cheng Visits 'Tongue Reading Specialist'

Lau Dan heard that herbalist and 'tongue reading specialist' Guo Zhichen was visiting Hong Kong and giving free consultations, so he notified his friends in the industry to go along for a consultation, including his 'son' from "Trimming Success" Kevin Cheng. Kevin is a firm believer in Chinese Herbal Medicine and he has had some ill health recently even fainting during filming, so Lau Dan suggested he went along for a diagnosis. Kevin says: "The doctor says that my tongue indicates that I have high blood pressure, so he has prescribed some herbs for me to regulate this, so I will try it. If I am not in good health, I will not be able to capitalise on my opportunities." Lau Dan met Dr. Guo on a chance occasion many years ago and Dr. Guo has been practicing for many decades in his home of Hebei in China.

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