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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Melissa Ng & Sunny Chan Having A Water Battle

New TVB series “Guaranteed Love” held a promotion function yesterday and many artists attended it in beach clothing. However, the male and female lead Sunny Chan and Melissa Ng were more protective as both didn’t wear swimwear. Sunny even kept his Hawaiian shirt on all the time. Other artists like Leanne Li, Eileen Yeow and Chan Man Ching all put on swimwear with Man Ching looking the most sexy.

Kissing Melissa
At the function, the artists of the series were divided into two groups where they held a water battle as they played water polo with inflatable jet skis. When Melissa got on the jet ski, she revealed her long legs. However, when she sat she was extremely careful, afraid to expose herself. Sunny was the funniest as he impatiently put on shoes to get into water, he was laughed at by Melissa who said that he usually doesn’t wear shoes when he goes out. But when he wants to go in the water, he wears shoes. Sunny explained that his wife doesn’t like him walking around barefoot. He was also the first one to fall into the water as his jet ski turned many times. It was extremely funny. Afterwards, he climbed onto Melissa’s jet ski and frightened her so much that she screamed constantly.

During the function, the producer also requested Sunny to give Melissa a peck on the cheek and the reporters requested him to do it a second time. Melissa smiled that when they were promoting abroad, Sunny also wanted to kiss her. In the end, she refused him but this time he succeeded. Asked Melissa why she is so conservative, she explained that the yesterday’s theme was Hawaii. In addition, many Miss Hong Kong’s were present, so she didn’t dress up sexily. Reporters laughed that she also came from a Miss background and she smiled that that has been n years ago. She also didn’t thought before that she will have to get into the water.

Recently, Melissa wanted to do a full medical check-up. Asked her whether she wanted to have a baby, she actually denied it. However, she referred to yesterday that she didn’t put on swimwear. Man Ching really looked very sexy in swimwear. She indicated that it’s best to play heartily and happily. She also wasn’t worried that she would expose herself, because she didn’t need to make too big movements. Earlier, Man Ching was busy hosting the World Cup program, her chest went from 34C to 33C. She also lost ten pounds, so now she is working hard on gaining back her weight.

Sunny Promises That This Year He Will Succeed
Last year, Sunny expressed that they will be working hard on conceiving a baby this year, but there still aren’t many results at the moment. He said that he has fully prepared himself psychologically. If his wife really becomes pregnant, he will wait till the baby’s one month birthday to give a banquet. Asked him that there are still no results after seven months, is it possible that he might be impotent? Sunny smiled that it has nothing to do with it and it’s probably due to the stress. He even laughed: “I will certainly succeed this year!” He also said that if it doesn’t work out this year, he will go for a medical check-up next year. Sunny expressed that his younger sister has four children and he himself wants three.

In addition, there were reports earlier labelling him, Kevin Cheng and Gigi Lai as ‘pineapple chicken’ at the birthday party of TVB executive Lok Yee Ling. Sunny expressed that he doesn’t take any notice of the entertainment news after reading them. He also doesn’t believe that anyone will take them seriously. Isn’t he afraid that others will misunderstand him and think that he is kissing up? Sunny indicated that everyone had to sing a song that evening. He smiled that he was quite satisfied with his performance as he sang it without musical background.


Melissa Ng, Sunny Chan, Kenneth Ma At 'Guaranteed Love' Promo Event
To promote new series, "Guaranteed Love," TVB held a "Wedding Proposal on Water" face-off challenge.

Cast members Melissa Ng, Sunny Chan, and Kenneth Ma, appeared in Hawaiian beach wear, while Leanne Li, Eileen Yeow and Chan Man Ching wore swimsuits.

The cast were divided into two teams and played water games. Due to the event organizer's encouragement, Sunny kissed Melissa two times. Melissa joked and said when Sunny had tried to kiss her at an overseas concert, she had refused him, but this time Sunny was finally able to kiss her.

Reporters teased
Melissa and asked her why she did not dress more sexily at the event? Melissa explained that the event had a Hawaiian theme and that the Miss Hong Kong and Miss Chinese International former participants were present, so she did not wear a swimsuit. Reporters laughed and said that Melissa was a former Beauty Pageant Queen herself, but Melissa pointed out that it was "N" years ago already and did not intend to immerse herself in the water.

Last year, Sunny vowed to become a father and is mentally prepared to be a parent, but there have been no baby news yet. If Sunny's wife becomes pregnant, then there will be a banquet one month after the baby is born.

Since Sunny has tried for 7 months to get his wife pregnant, does that mean that he could be impotent? Sunny laughed and said no, "I think it's just due to stress. I will definitely succeed this year!" Sunny indicated that his younger sister has 4 children and that he hopes to have 3 children himself.

At Lok Yi Ling's birthday party earlier, Sunny, along with Kevin Cheng and Gigi Lai were nicknamed by tabloids as "pineapple chicken." Sunny said that many people will just read the entertainment news and dismiss them afterwards. But isn't Sunny afraid that he will be considered kissing up to his boss? Sunny explained that every person sang a song that night, but he sang it without music background and he was satisfied with his performance.

In romantic comedy, "Guaranteed Love," Melissa plays a strong career-driven woman named "Hazel," whose business tactics lead others to think that she is quite ruthless, yet she has a good, kind heart inside. Melissa plays Sunny's friend's girlfriend and the two are at first at odds at each other, often bickering. But later they fall in love with each other.

Sunny said, "Hazel is my friend's girlfriend in the series. Although Hazel and I fall in love with each other after initial bickering, in real life, I would never fall for a friend's girlfriend. I value friendship."

Melissa mentioned that she enjoyed the filming process immensely. "If we were to discuss the humorous moments, we have to mention "Dr. Chan!" Who is Dr. Chan? He is the guy who is filled with many logical arguments and who loves to talk. That person is Sunny Chan! Sunny will always create a funny atmosphere with the entire cast and crew!"

Sunny plays a detail-oriented insurance broker in the series. Sunny said, "After discussing with the director and crew, we decided to exaggerate on the acting and mannerisms to create a greater comic effect. Hopefully this will allow the character's personality to shine and that the audience will like it!"

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