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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Moses, Raymond, Linda, Tavia, Bosco In New 40 Episode Series

In producer Lau Ka Ho's new series, Moses Chan Ho will be acting as Ha Yu's illegitimate son and will help manage Ha's abalone business. However, Moses' image appeared to be very old-fashioned, as he wore black kung fu shoes. Moses explained that he wanted to convey a more traditional look.

Other cast members include Yoyo Mung Ka Wai, Raymond Lam Fung, Linda Chung Ka Yan, Bosco Wong Chung Chak, Tavia Yeung Yi, Lai Lok Yi, Fala Chen, Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung, Lee Si Kei, Michelle Mai Shuet and last year's Miss Hong Kong 2nd Runner-Up, Carrie Lam Lei.

Linda will be acting as a lawyer and will be in a love triangle with Moses and Raymond Lam. Reporters noted that Raymond is a rumors magnet, but Linda is not afraid, as there are rumors each time she acts in a series. Besides, Linda is able to remove herself from her character once she finished filming a series, thus not allowing herself to fall in love with her co-stars.

Bosco and Tavia have just finished filming "Dou Cheung Fung Wan" and will be appearing as lovers again in the new series. Is Bosco afraid that there is no fresh feeling since he just worked with Tavia? Bosco said no, as they know each other quite well, which will only be an advantage in filming their romantic scenes.

Aside from Linda, Carrie is another tall actress in the series. Although standing at 5 ft 11 inches, Bosco is afraid that the girls will appear taller than him. Bosco joked and said that he will make sure to tell Carrie not to stand next to him, or perhaps he will buy a pair of high heels to wear.

In the series, Lai Lok Yi's mother will be a mistress. As there are many pretty actresses in this series, is Lai afraid that there will be rumors? He laughed, "Maybe you should ask the actresses if they are anxious, since I am considered handsome too." Lai also said that he has worked with all the actresses in the past before, so if there were rumors, they would have happened long before.

Additional Updates:

Tavia Yeung Yi will be playing a model in the series. She sported a refreshing Cleopatra hairstyle with bangs at the costume fitting yesterday. Tavia mentioned that she might wear a fake bust to enhance her curves this time as well, since she will be playing a model.

Yoyo Mung Ka Wai mentioned that in the series, she will be pairing with Raymond Lam Fung as a couple. Yoyo mentioned that she will be playing the villian this time and will be stealing someone's boyfriend.

Veteran actress, Lee Si Kei, will also be returning to TVB to film for this series. Since her leave, she was confused by the vast number of "new" actresses in the series. Si Kei pointed to Yoyo Mung Ka Wai and said, "I know she must be quite famous, as I recognize her face, but I don't know her name."


TVB's new forty episode drama held its costume fitting at TKO TVB City yesterday and the cast was revealed in a strong line up of the most promising male and female stars, who are joined by the return of Lee Sze Ki, who has not filmed any series since "A Kindred Spirit" in 1999.
Sze Ki has not filmed in Hong Kong for a while now and she explains that her condition has improved a lot after suffering from leg problems. Asked whether she will be seeking more rest time from the producer, she says: "You either don't film, or you work the same as everyone else. You can't ask them to make allowances for you. The producer has said that there will not be too many location shots though, so it will not be too hard." Faced with a group of new and young faces, Sze Ki was a little bewildered and pointed out Yoyo Mung, saying: "She should be quite famous, but I don't know her name. I feel like I am suffering from senility because I don't recognise anyone and this is not a great thing. I will take my time to adapt."

Moses Chan will be playing an illegitimate child in the series and his character will be helping his father Ha Yu to look after their abalone business. His costume appeared to be very old fashioned looking and he explains to portray a rather common look, he is wearing some black kung fu slippers.

Talking of the
World Cup reaching a climax now, Moses admits that he has not been able to watch any of the matches this year because he has been busy filming, so he has just been following it through the news to find out the score. Although he was unable to watch the match, he is a France supporter and Henry and Zidane are his favourite players. He predicts that they will win the final 2-0. Linda Chung will be playing a lawyer in the show, who will have love affairs with Moses and Raymond Lam. With Raymond's reputation as a magnet for gossip, Linda indicated that she also has rumours about her when she films series, but they are untrue because she knows how to detach herself from the roles and she has never put her real feelings into it.

After playing lovers in
"Casino Crisis", Bosco Wong and Tavia Yeung will also be playing a couple in the new show. Asked if they are worried about this being quite confusing, Bosco said it wouldn't and moreover they already have the association, so their emotional scenes will be even better. As for many of the female stars in the show being tall girls and although he is 5 ft 11 inches tall, is he worried about not being tall enough around them? Bosco laughs that he will tell Carrie Lam to go away, or he will buy himself some high-heeled shoes to wear.

Tavia appeared with a 'Cleopatra' look that was quite unusual and she plays a model in the show. When it was pointed out that she has got quite a tan from filming "Casino", she explains that it is quite fashionable now. I don't need to use fake boobs this time, although I did get quite fond of them. (Why don't you get implants?) I don't have any money!"

Yoyo Mung will be forming a group of 'Four Golden Flowers' with Carrie, Linda and Fala Chen and she laughs that when she heard that she would be working with so many beauty queens, she has to wipe the sweat from her brow as her heart formed a feeling of dread. She says: "In this show, we have to dress up and this is a weakness of mine. I am the shortest girl of the four, but I will need to wear high heels throughout the show. In the show, I am a couple with Raymond Lam, but I don't care about him, I will still wear high heels. I have invested a lot into this show, spending over $10,000 on four pairs of shoes, but you pay for quality and the more expensive the shoes are, the more comfortable they are to wear."

Lai Lok Yi will be playing the son of a second wife, but he finds his own happiness. With so many pretty girls in the show, is he worried about any rumours? He smiles confidently: "Why don't you ask them if they are worried, because I class as a handsome guy!" He indicates that he has worked with all these girls before, so if there were any rumours, then they would already have been written about before this series.

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