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Friday, July 14, 2006

Raymond Speaks About Reporter Breaking Into Hotel Room

Raymond Lam Fung has always been under intense scrutiny by the paparazzi. Despite filming in Shanghai for the last half year, Raymond still could not escape the paparazzi. Last month in Shanghai, the paparazzi tried to break into Raymond's hotel room to take photos. But it turns out that the reporter broke into a crew member's room instead, making Raymond laugh.

Raymond joked that he is now like a native Shanghai boy, "At first, I was not used to the lifestyle in Shanghai. But now, my Shanghainese is quite proficient!"

"When I was filming 'New Breath of Love,' with Tammy Chen, I was originally sharing a room with a production crew member. However, there were a few scenes shot in the central city area, so to increase convenience, I stayed at a relative's house for a few days. However, the paparazzi thought I was still staying at the hotel. When the cleaning staff was cleaning the hotel room, a reporter broke inside and took some photos of the room. At that point, I was no longer staying at the hotel! I could only laugh after hearing about the incident."

"I knew that the paparazzi was following me around quite closely, but I could only let them do so! All the photos that they took were at work or when I'm eating lunch! I can't be too concerned about their behavior."

Hoping for a Long Vacation
Raymond has not had a vacation for 2 years and his biggest wish now is to have some free time off. However, his work schedule is filled until April 2007 and if he were to take a break, it would not be until the middle of next year.

In the new upcoming 40 episode series, Raymond will be acting as a lawyer. Wishing for a vacation, Raymond hopes that it will give him some free time to improve his acting and immerse into his roles better.

"Since I have been filming series back to back, especially while filming in Shanghai for 6 months, it has alienated me from the outside world. When I returned to Hong Kong, I couldn't remember the roads while driving. I felt that my [reactions] became slower. If I can take a vacation and recharge, taking in new experiences, perhaps it will increase my ability to portray characters better."

"If I were to portray a character similiar to my character in 'La Femme Desperado' again, perhaps I would be able to approach it from a different angle! Only new stimulus will lead to improvement!"

Music Album
Raymond was in Canada for a concert and the fans welcomed his performance immensely. "I have sang several theme songs in the past, so I am quite familiar with singing. I would love to release a music album, but that is dependent on [TVB's] plans. But I have continued to practice my singing skills, as I will often sing at fans' gatherings!"

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