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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Roger & Cindy Earns Money Together To Prepare For Future Baby

The marriage of Roger Kwok and Cindy Au took place earlier like a lightning bolt which caused rumors saying that they are getting married because of a baby. Yesterday both of them attended a function to earn money together to prepare for the milk money. Wearing a loose shirt, Cindy gave a misconception of being pregnant.

Yesterday they were the honored guests to an opening of a jewelry store for a 6-figure amount. This is their first time earning money together and attracted many people.

Because the shirt
Cindy was wearing was loose, it gave people thoughts that she is really pregnant. But Cindy denies it and Roger interrupts, "Is she pregnant? We don't know yet. We will find out a few months later. I need to work hard to prepare the milk money."

Since this is the first time
Roger and Cindy is working together, the jewelry store gave them a couple necklace worth $28,000 Yuan. During the games, Roger was blindfolded and had to figure out which hand belongs to Cindy. At the end Roger had to use his nose to smell his way to Cindy's 'scent'.

Roger disclosed that he did propose to Cindy three years ago, "When I was working three years ago, I called her and told her that I felt tired. Then I kneeled and proposed." He also said that many friends sent him their blessings through text messages, even rumored girlfriend Charmaine Sheh.

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