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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Roger Kwok Willing To Be A ‘New Man’ For Cindy Au

Roger Kwok and Cindy Au have been dating for seven years and they are rumoured to marry at the end of the month in Disneyland. It has thus attracted rumours that they are marrying because she is pregnant. The day earlier, Roger returned from South-Korea where he has shot some outdoor scenes with Miss Hong Kong. He immediately went out with his future wife and were sweetly holding hands, walking over the street.

Roger and Cindy have been in a relationship for seven years and for many years, there weren’t any plans to marry. Earlier, the two of them suddenly spread out news of a possible marriage. It even becomes more extraordinary as they generously shared that they will get married within this year. So, it resulted in rumours that Cindy might be pregnant and thus the two of them are in a hurry to get married. In addition, Cindy also used the reason of publishing a book to ask TVB for a few months vacation. It seems to add more certainty to the news that they are getting married because of a pregnancy.

Earlier, reporters accidentally saw the couple at Central Plaza. Roger just finished his shooting in South-Korea for Miss Hong Kong and as he has a few day without filming, he decided to spend it with Cindy. Roger has always been referred to as a ‘macho’. In the past, when they were travelling they will always walk apart from each other and not hold hands. However, after he decided to marry Cindy, he immediately turned into a ‘24/7 husband’. They held hands when walking over the streets, he helped her carry her backpack and even helped her cross the street.

Afterwards, the two of them arrived at the parking lot. In order to avoid his girlfriend waiting too long, he ran to the front to pay the expenses. Then he drove his girlfriend back home.

Yesterday, the reporters asked Roger about this matter and he firmly said: “Definitely not. If she really is pregnant, why wouldn’t I admit it? I, Roger Kwok, am honest and truthful! If it’s true, I will admit it.” Earlier, many artists didn’t admit that they were having a baby as they were afraid that something could go wrong. Regarding this, Roger is different: “If she’s really pregnant, I wouldn’t mind confirming it.”

Asked whether they are getting married because they are thinking of wanting a baby, Roger frankly said: “Just let nature takes its course! I am getting married because it’s good timing. We really haven’t thought about the date yet, but it will definitely not be August. We need a little more time for our family to prepare it. Anyway, if we have decided the date, I will definitely let everyone know!”

In the past, Roger has always been referred to as ‘macho’, who would’ve thought that he has changed for his girlfriend. Roger smiled: “I am really not that macho! I am not argumenting for myself, but I’ve actually always helped her carry her bag. It’s only that nobody sees it. However, it’s very normal to carry bags. You can’t not help your girlfriend if you see her getting tired carrying her bag.”

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