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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ron Ng & Kate Tsui At TVB Children's Festival Event

Ron Ng and Kate Tsui took part in a TVB Children's Festival Event and Kate revealed that she would be cutting her hair short in preparation for filming "Cadets on the Beat" and she is quite nervous: "I have not had short hair for over ten years now and I am a little reluctant to do it for the series. (Are you afraid of losing fans?) No, they will still support me and maybe I will have more fans. I will do it for the sake of the series." As for working with Ron again, Kate laughs she is not afraid of rumours: "In the series, he will be paired with Joey Yung. (Escaped lightly?) Yes. You can't say that though, Ron is a good colleague of mine." As for Ron, he says he does not mind the reports and he does not read gossip magazines. The most important thing is working well with the others.

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