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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Ron Ng To Demonstrate A Window Cleaning Robot

Ron Ng took part in the opening of a science and environmental event in Tseung Kwan O yesterday where he not only helped to launch the event, but was also asked to demonstrate a window cleaning robot. Reverting to his childhood in response, a playful Ron was very excited when he played with the robot. Talking of the environment, Ron says that he has shown an interest in this from an early age as his mother has taught him to sort out the plastic from the aluminium and recycle them properly and also to donate old clothes to environmental organisations. As a result his awareness of the environment is quite strong.

Ron's new series "Cadets on the Beat" has begun filming and as Fiona Sit is due to start shooting another film soon, the crew have been busy completing her scenes, working through the night and leaving the cast without much time to sleep.

Asked about the recent rumours that TVB will soon be sold off because of
Sir Run Run Shaw's deteriorating health, Ron says he is not worried about this as he believes the company will arrange what is best for everyone. He will just do his own job well, because the only thing he is worried about is having his pay cut!
Melissa Ng was also asked about this matter in another event and she says that she is just a small potato, so it would not affect her very much, but she does hope that Sir Run Run recovers soon. Cherrie Kong says that she doesn't really know much about what is happening.

[X] credit: Em @
Wen Wei Pao, The Sun


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