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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Tammy Chen, Raymond Lam & Song Pu Ya Mi Meet

Tammy Chen and Japanese female star, Song Pu Ya Mi, meet in Shanghai! Tammy, who is currently filming Mainland production, The "New Breath of Love", was very happy to see Song Pu Ya Mi, even though she was only making a guest appearance in one episode of the series. Delightedly, Tammy said, “Although this is my first time seeing her, I still think she is really cute!”

"New Breath of Love" is a series based on Wong Man Wah’s novel, "61X57", with Tammy Chen and Hong Kong actor Raymond Lam, who had recently received Mainland’s most popular newcomer award, as the main leads. The director Chiang Ka Jun had once had rumours with Chan Hao Huen and Ga Jing Man. In the series, Tammy and Raymond are lovers, but are always fighting over little things. One time, Raymond took Tammy to a concert to cheer her up.

In order to make the concert seem more realistic, the crew especially invited
Song Pu Ya Mi to Shanghai to hold a small concert. The audience there were also Song Pu Ya Mi’s real fans. Due to the fact that Song Pu Ya Mi would only give them one day to film, the crew tried to work as fast as possible, continuingly calling for Song Pu Ya Mi to get in t he right position and to look at the camera.

Due to the fact that
Tammy, Raymond and Song Pu Ya Mi couldn’t understand each other, they only greeted each simply and during the filming, there were no lines between the three of them, the communication was entirely with the eyes. Tammy said, “The first time hearing her sing was really surprising! I didn’t think that her singing would be that good! I thought that she was just part of a young girls’ band, with a sweet and cute appearance.”

Tammy, who very easily becomes integrated with a series, filmed a bed scene with Raymond earlier. Raymond was propped on top of her, but in the end, what Raymond’s attention was diverted to was not her figure, but a boil on the corner of her lip, making Tammy so mad that she wanted to punch him!

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