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Sunday, July 23, 2006

TVB Actors & Actresses Showing Off Their Great Figures, Shedding Conservative Image

TVB have always been very protective of their actors and actresses, rarely allowing them out to give sexy performances and to avoid upsetting the company, the women have always been very conservative, avoiding swimwear and bikinis. However, the situation seems to have changed somewhat this year, as leading artistes such as Sonija Kwok and Shirley Yeung have showed off their great figures in bikinis for advertising jobs in a bid to make money and with the additional revenue, TVB seems to be making allowances for both parties to earn some extra cash!

In the past, for TVB's artistes to appear in swimwear was very rare and difficult , because TVB have always taken a rather reserved approach to avoid affecting their stars' images. To avoid female artistes being taken advantage of, there were layers of bureacracy that had to be overcome and the girls had to wear tape and avoid compromising poses when they eventually got to the shoot. However, the recent changes to the policy thanks to the new leader
Virginia Lok, the artistes no longer have to be wrapped up and the company has even sought some swimwear and slimming advertising work for their artistes to try and find another source of revenue for their salaried artistes.

In response to this change, many of the stars on TVB's books are united in their approval and feel that as well as making money for the company, they will also make more money for themselves, so this is a winner for everyone.

Linda Chung
The speed at which
Linda has been moving up the ranks in recent years has been astounding and earlier, she wore some sexy lingerie on the catwalk and in response to the company taking on this work for her, she is very welcoming: "It is good of the company to open up because it allows us more avenues to make money as long as the outcome is beautiful and healthy. The shows that the company arranges for me are not too revealing, just a little sexy, so I don't mind."

Vivien Yeo
Also hailing from
Miss Chinese International, Vivien does not mind doing swimwear shows and she feels that the changes to company policy is a good thing for artistes: "I don't mind the company arranging swimwear shows for me as long as it is pretty and healthy. As well as making money for the company, I will earn more too and the company chooses the jobs carefully and rejects any that are too outrageous. With the policy opening up and gaining more of these shows, then I will gain more experience and this is a good thing."

Sonija Kwok
After winning
Miss Hong Kong, Sonija has always been very careful with her body and apart from the Anniversary show, she rarely appears in sexy clothing. However in recent months, TVB has arranged a string of swimwear and slimming ads for her to show off her devilish figure and challenge the limits of her sensuality.

Shirley Yeung
TVB arranged two swimwear ads recently for
Shirley, where she had to walk the catwalk in a bikini. For the usually wrapped up Shirley, this attracted much gossip, but she does not mind: "Wearing a swimsuit in the summer is nothing unusual, as long as it is a healthy look, then being a little sexy is acceptable. The company has not just arranged for me to take part in swimwear shows, I have taken part in many other fashion shows and these definitely make money for the company."

Fala Chen
Hailing from
Miss Chinese International, Fala has been wearing swimwear for her new series, showing off her great figure and she says: "I am okay with wearing bikinis and it is fine if I can make money from it. The company has a keen eye on things and they still choose very conservative swimsuits. If the script requires it, then I will wear a swimsuit, so wearing it in a show is no problem."

Bosco Wong
Bosco bared his body for a male slimming advertisement earlier and he supports the new policy totally: "Showing your body off for an advertisement is a good thing as long as the results are healthy. I am not revealing myself intentionally and it makes me more money."

Kevin Cheng
Usually displaying a suave and reserved image,
Kevin suddenly showed off his body earlier and became a muscle clad man, showing off his six pack for an ad campaign and revealing his eligibility to be the latest lady killer.

Kenny Wong
"The Dance of Passion", Kenny's 42 inch chest was on constant display and this has elevated him to the status of housewife killer and TVB have capitalised on this, not only picking up topless ads, but also pulling carts in public! He says: "It's nothing really. The company did not mention anything specifically about showing flesh or not showing it, but you can't wear clothes for a swimwear advert! If the market is there and the image is a healthy one, then it is okay."

In order to push up ratings, it would seem that TVB is also asking for some bolder performances and pushing the boundaries of decency in its series. The earliest example of this was
Raymond Lam and Ron Ng in "Twin of Brothers", where their bare backsides attracted much criticism from viewers who felt this was unsuitable for their children.

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The Sun


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