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Friday, July 14, 2006

TVB City Infested With Roaches & Mice; Artists Complain Of Rodent Problems

TVB's studio located in Cheung Kwan O has recently been plagued by rodent and cockroach problems, arousing avid discussion among artists. While filming "Fei Tin Hei See,"Andy Hui Chi On was so frightened by the roach problem that he was afraid to step outside the studio. Steven Ma wished that TVB would take care of the problem. TVB City is located next to a garbage junkyard and due to the recent high temperatures, it has been extremely difficult to solve its rodent problems.

The rodent problem is especially prevalent in Studios #12, 13, and 16, with mice running about freely, frightening many people.

Last night, Andy was filming in Studio #13 for "Fei Tin Hei See." When reporters mentioned TVB's rodent problem, Andy's face paled. "One time, when I was about to leave the studio, I saw a flash of black body mass run in front of me. I was so afraid, I refused to walk out the studio doors. There are especially more rodents before or after a storm!"

Steven Ma commented, "The problem could also be due to the dead bodies found in the mountain across from the studio! Also the garbage junkyard nearby is quite contaminated, adding to the rodent population. Sometimes I see roaches and rats lining up together, it is quite scary!" Steven recommended that a pest control company be called in to take care of the problem.

Bernice Liu admitted that many colleagues have been troubled by the roach population at TVB studio. Luckily Bernice has not spotted any roaches at the studio. "When I walk, I never look at the ground. Earlier when I was in China filming series, I had seen roaches of much bigger size!"

Selena Li said there are many areas within TVB City that has roach problems and teased Matthew Ko for being afraid of roaches. Matthew said that he has spotted the most roaches and rats in the parking lot.

TVB's External Affair's Assistant Director, Tsang Sing Ming, said, "Each month, TVB will employ the services of a pest exterminator, with heavily infested areas receiving treatment every few weeks. After each extermination, it is common to see more rodents exposed. There is no need for the artists to be so afraid."


There has been a lot of discussion at TVB city recently because there has been a sudden infestation of cockroaches and this is leaving the artistes with quite a headache. Most of the staff blame the nearby rubbish tip and landfill site, that has become a breeding ground for the roaches in the hot weather. The worst hit studios are Studio 12, 13 and 16 and the numbers are greatest in the drains and the outdoor prop storage areas where the mass is quite horrific.

Andy Hui has been filming in Studio 13 for his series "Lush Fields Happy Times" and talking of the roaches, his expression changed and he said: "Once, I was just about to leave the studio and I saw a big dark shadow. When I looked a bit closer, I saw that it was cockroaches and I was so scared that I daren't leave the studio. I am very afraid of them, especially when it is bad weather, when there are more of them." Steven says that they will gather in swarms at night and says: "Maybe there were some bodies dumped on the hills or maybe some body parts from the medical profession, together with the landfill site, so you see them in lines wandering around and it is quite terrifying." He hopes that the company will address this matter and as well as calling in the exterminators, they should also get some professionals to treat the area and clear them once and for all. Bernice Liu also says that her colleagues are talking about the cockroaches, but she is lucky enough not to have seen any yet. She says: "When I walk, I don't really look at the floor and I am very scared of them. When I was filming in the mainland, I saw a lot of them and their sizes were a lot bigger than the ones at TVB." Selena Li points out that there are many areas affected and laughs at Matthew Ko for being frightened. Matthew says that he saw a lot of them when he was picking his car up from the car park.

In response to the news of the infestation, TVB external affairs assistant manager
Tsang Sing Ming says: "We arrange for the exterminators to come in every month and in the worst hit areas they are coming in every week. Each time we have exterminators, then there are a lot of cockroaches killed and this is very common, so our colleagues should not be too frightened."

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