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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Virginia Lok Yee Ling's Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was the birthday of TVB's Production Resource Department Deputy Director Virginia Lok Yee Ling and the previous evening, a special party was held for her at the old Shaw Brothers Studios, attended by TVB executives including Ms. Mona Fong, Stephen Chan and Catherine Tsang. Other guests included the company's popular stars such as Gigi Lai, Kevin Cheng and Bernice Liu. Ms. Lok did not want the artistes to spend any money on her, so she had previously indicated that it was just a departmental dinner.

Ms. Lok wore a strappy dress to the event, where she joined Gigi and Ron Ng on the stage to sing celebratory songs. Asked what her birthday wish was, she says she hopes to continue to have the blessings from God: "I also hope that all casts and crews are healthy and happy as they progress together."

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