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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Bernice At A 'Mix and Move' Dancing & Mixing Competition

Bernice Liu and DJ Tommy took part in a 'Mix and Move' dancing and mixing competition as judges yesterday and Bernice joined five dancers in the opening hip hop dance. Although she did quite well, she says that she had not rehearsed with the others before the show, because she has been busy filming for TVB and she learned the routine by watching the moves on an MP4 player between takes. She laughs that she has been doing hip hop in ancient costume and it looks very strange.

Asked if her co-star and former dancer Michael Tse has been teaching her, she says that he has not. At the moment, she is busy with her new series and every time she goes out on location, she is sweating so much that she has to change her clothes more than once and because it is hard work, she has lost a lot of weight and this is worse than filming fighting scenes. Asked if she has a fan, towel and a cold drink handy, she says that her mother has made soup for her.

Talking of the recent Gillian Chung incident, for Bernice who hails from Miss Chinese International Pageant, she says that when she is getting changed backstage, everyone will just be thinking about work and not have time to think about anything else. In order to prevent these things in the future, Bernice feels that the government needs to take action.

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Joey Yung & Ron Ng Filming At Harbor

Joey Yung and Ron Ng were filming yesterday on the harbourside for "Cadets on the Beat" in a scene that tells of them chatting when someone falls into the water and Ron jumps in to rescue the person. However, in reality Ron did not dive in as a stunt double took his place. Afterwards Ron explained: "I do know how to swim, but because the scene required a direct dive into the sea, then I could not handle this, so we asked a lifeguard to help us out. (Have you ever wanted to be a lifeguard and watch the girls on the beach?) I have never thought about that, because the work is very boring and there is nothing to do in the winter. You can see more pretty girls working in showbiz."

In light of recent events surrounding Gillian Chung's incident being reported to the police in Hong Kong, Joey was asked whether she supports her decision. She says: "Of course! Definitely and seriously support her." As for the special debate show that TVB will be airing on Monday to support Gillian, Joey hopes to be present and that the crew will let her go. Otherwise she will be supporting Gillian in spirit.

As for the magazine going into second run, Joey says angrily: "It is so infuriating! They are so disgusting. They should be subjected to punishment by the law, a person was sent to prison earlier for taking photos up women's skirts and they were doing this for money, so that is inexcusable. This is not the first time that this magazine has done something like this and it is criminal, so it should not be let off. If someone sold these photos to the magazine, then the editor should be sent to prison. If they were taken by reporters, then they should be sent down as well. Closing them down will do nothing."

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Ella's Most Memorable Moment

Since Ella entered the music industry she has co-operated with quite alot of artists. But she says that the most happy time was when she was working with Lau Ching Wan in "The Shopaholics". Recently she accepted a interview by 'Him' magazine, during this she had said "He had always been my idol, he has talents and is a good husband and also during "The Shopaholics", there was a scene where he to propose to me! It was a dream come true!"

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bernice Films Execution Scene

Bernice Liu has been filming an execution scene in her new series "Murder City Plot", where Sunny Chan plays the executioner and she had to kneel all day for the shoot, leaving her with bruises on her knees. In the 30 degree heat, Bernice had to wear her long costume and was so hot that she almost suffered from sunstroke. She smiled: "I had to cry all through this scene and it was very upsetting, so I managed to cry all day without using eyedrops."

When they shot close ups of Sunny bringing the sword down on her, Bernice was able to snatch some time to rest and she says: "After I had moved away, the blade flew off the handle and Sunny says that if I was there, I would have been injured, so I was very lucky and should go and buy a lottery ticket!".

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Ron Ng During Rescue Scene

Ron Ng was filming in Yau Ma Tei for new series "Cadets on the Beat" in a rescue scene where he had to save a dog. The scene tells of how Ron is ordered to go and help rescue a dog for a child, but he slips and ends up landing in a pile of rubbish. As they needed to film from many different angles, Ron had to repeat the scene over ten times and this was very hard work for him.

Although it was hot and he was sweating a lot, Ron still did the climbing without a fear, but when it came to filming the falling scene, Ron stood to one side and photographed his body double carrying out the stunt for him. Asked why Ron had chickened out of the scene, he explained: "Usually these scenes will be shot by the stuntmen. If I did it, then they would not have a job. Even if I offered to do it, the director would not allow this. (They are looking after you?) They look out for everyone. I don't get enough sleep, so the company will not allow me to do these action shots because if I am injured then it will affect the whole team."

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Ella & Ron: Rumours Again

Yesterday, Ella accepted a radio station interview. When asked if she got back together with Ron Ng, she laughed and said "I don't want to talk about it!" Ella also revealed that her ear, nose and throat has allergy and will be accepting 2 years of treatment. The doctor recommended that she should have one needle a month.

As for Ron, yesterday he was busy filming for <Cadet On The Beat>. When asked if he and Ella got back together, he immediately denied and said "Ella and I were only promoting for the series, the series has finished airing for so long, I don't want to reply to anything about the rumour anymore." (Successful getting back together?) "We've never started, how can we get back together? I'm saying it the last time, my career comes first."

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Sun Special Report: Bernice Liu

Bernice Liu has been in the industry for five years now and has made herself a strong position within TVB, dubbed as 'sexy fa dan'. Taking the step down this route produced a time of tough decisions for Bernice, leaving life in the schoolyard in Vancouver to a strange place that was Hong Kong and start afresh required a lot of hard work that is beyond comprehension.

Taking part in Miss Chinese International was a new start in life for me. I remember I was in Vancouver's UBC studying in my third year, with the opportunity to change from science to business administration, but the course needed a second language. Although my parents are both Chinese, I could only speak English and not a word of Chinese. Normally the courses lasted six months, but in order for me to learn the language more quickly, my friends suggested I entered a beauty pageant held by the local Chinese TV station. I ended up winning this and having the chance to go to Hong Kong and take part in the Miss Chinese International Pageant and with another stroke of luck, I won another award.

Taking the MCI crown, I suddenly became the focus of many people and it was a novelty to me. TVB sent someone to ask me if I was interested in entering the showbiz industry and there was a conflict in my mind. I was afraid I would not be able to adapt to the new life, because I love my family. My dad knows that I love to perform and show off myself, so he would rather give up his work in Vancouver to help me develop my career in Hong Kong. I am very grateful to him. The university let me put my degree on hold for ten years, so with the co-operation of all the factors, I had no worries and started to make my own world.

Arriving in Hong Kong, starting to adapt to a new life in a strange place was not easy and whether it was my living environment or the people around me, everything was different. However, I deeply believed that a person's success is dependent on how hard you have worked. I have some friends who have lived in Hong Kong for over twenty years, but because they refuse to adapt to the Chinese way of life, they are still unable to speak a word of Chinese.

I feel that I am quite lucky, as TVB arranged for me to film in "Virtues of Harmony" and I knew that this was a great learning opportunity as I could force myself to speak in Cantonese. As I could not read a word of Chinese, every time I got a script, I had to ask someone to add phonetics next to the words before I learned how to say it. I mispronounced many words into swear words and even turned around the four character phrases, causing many funny incidents. Fortunately, these days are passed now and I can reap the rewards today.

Showbusiness is only sparkling because there is a kaleidescope of the good and direct and the sly and scheming. Any artistes that appear with a threat are met with resistance and hostility that will harm every part. For Bernice's five years in the business, she has been in a position where she was being prodded and has risen to a position where she can sit comfortably and let the world go by. The reason she can do this is because she has an escape route that she can use at any time to run to another world.

Without even noticing, it has been five years since I entered the industry and there has been a lot of gossip and rumours in this time, especially a couple of years ago, when there was a lot of negative press about me falling out with so-and-so and fighting for awards. Earlier, a magazine accused me of being arrogant, but I decided not to ask or respond, what I don't see, I don't care about. I once heard Jessica Hsuan say: "For the direct personality, you will lose out in this industry." However, I don't like holding back and I hope that everyone can see the truest side of me. I have seen through the toughest criticisms and I believe that the world is round. If someone provokes you, they are doing their thing and I feel that that the world is very perfect, so no matter how you treat other people, then be it a week, a year or five years - it will come back to you.

I admit that my Cantonese is not good and that in my mind, I will try to piece things together, but still not be able to convey my message and my tone of voice is easily misunderstood. Like my TVB managers, I have had four in five years and sometimes they each have their own opinions and their working styles, so we need time to adapt, but I usually address the situation and not the person, so we always reach an agreement.

Although the pressure is large in the entertainment industry, I still cherish everything that I have, because you only have one life. Also, no matter what I do, my family will support me. Many people enter showbiz because they want to make money, I do not have this pressure and if one day I am very unhappy, then I can leave the industry at any time because I know I have many options, such as going back to study. When I am at my saddest, I have Mac (two year old dog) to keep me company and he can feel human emotions. I often talk to him about my problems and cry on the side of my bed, but he will come over and lick my tears. No matter how unhappy I am,when I see him, I will forget about the world of work.

Since entering the industry, Bernice has had an endless string of gossip and rumours. Hawick Lau played the role of interpreter and chauffeur and she has admitted herself that she gets on very well with Moses Chan. So who is the Mr. Right in her life? She just says that all will come clear when the time is right.

In the last five years, every time I filmed a series, there would be gossip and to be honest, these things really are beyond my control. For instance, when I was filming for "Virtues of Harmony", I was going about it blindly and I didn't know anything, so the company sent Hawick Lau to help me, so you could say that this rumoured boyfriend was given to me by the company. At the time I did not know my way around and so he even drove me around. He was like my manager and as my Cantonese was not very good, he helped me to translate and write sounds against my scripts. He really is a good man. Maybe our ages are quite similar and we got on well, so people thought that we were dating. At the time, I also got on well with Timmy Hung and Carlo Ng, but the press were only interested in the two of us.

Afterwards, I was linked with Sammul Chan, Bosco Wong and Moses Chan and personally I didn't mind too much. In the case of Moses, were were filming together for "Love Bond" and the viewers really accepted our on-screen couple personas, so many advertising sponsors asked us to work together. We joined forces to make money and this was no problem to me. Moreover we worked well together and although a lot of people think that we have an underground relationship, I will not say too much because I will leave it all to fate. Whether or not he is 'the one', then everyone will know when the time is right.

My first boyfriend came to Hong Kong to visit me last year and when we saw each other, we were both very happy. It is hard to describe the feeling at the time and I was suddenly very emotional. Maybe because of the circumstances at the time, where he had to go elsewhere to study, we felt it was a shame but we had to split up. Luckily we were very peaceful and now when we meet, it is like meeting up with an old friend. If you ask me whether there is a chance of getting back together with my ex-boyfriend, then it is hard to say because we have grown up now and I just know that after so long apart, we still feel very very close when we meet.

has a great figure and since her appearance, this has been the focus of attention. In her time in showbiz, the stories of her tossing her breasts around have far outweighed the reports on her singing or dancing talent and she is not surprised by this, but she does hope that the audience will change their focus and start appreciating her from a fresh angle.

I believe that in this world, there are no artistes who lack an urge to perform. I started dancing when I was four years old and after each performance, the applause of the audience would inject me with more passion and enthusiasm. Every time I went out to enter different competitions, winning and becoming the centre of attention, it was an earth shattering experience that filled me with endless pleasure.

I don't know if it is natural talent or the effect of nurture, but my desire to perform is extremely passionate and whether it is in front of a camera or on the stage, for me it is a truly enjoyable experience. Just entering the Hong Kong world of showbiz, then you have opportunities to sing, make movies and do television shows and I have tried TV and movies, so to be able to join Myolie Wu and Charmaine Sheh as part of the 'Lady in Red' album was a surprise beyond my expectations and of course a victory for me in this battle.

Singing has never been my strong point and when my first song "Truth" was released, many people were not aware of the 'truth' and did not know that it was me singing. It was only when this song made it into the karaoke boxes and became a hit, that the positive reviews came flooding in and that happiness cannot be rivalled.

For an artiste, working without rest or sleep into the early hours of the morning, they only hope for this moment of happiness. Later, TVB gave me the opportunity to continue on this and offered me two new songs with a lighter beat to tie in with my Hip Hop dance.

On the stage, I show off my best, hoping that the audience will lose themselves. In order to reach the best outcome, I think hard about my attire, but when the reports come out, it is always: "Wow! Your breasts are falling out!" The focus of the press is always on my figure, my breasts move with my body, what is so unusual? Of course, I understand how the showbiz industry works and even my father warned me about this before I entered the industry that meaningful and pointless reports are likely to come in waves. Women's figures are inherited in genetics and you can applaud what my mother passed onto me, so if you have to thank someone, then thank my worthy mother.

For artistes, aside from their fans, they cannot be without their families. Bernice grew up in Canada and her family are as close as ever as her father even returned with her to help develop her career. She cherishes deeply this model family and keeps in touch with them constantly by email.

The most shockingly emotional event for me happened at our village in Shunde. Our Liu Family originated in a village, where there are now 4000 villagers. When I found out that my father wanted to take me back to the village, I was incredibly excited and for me, I have always wanted to find out more about my ancestors, but growing up in Canada and not knowing much Chinese, I was totally ignorant of the Liu Family village.

The weather that day was very good and when I entered the village with my dad, there were already many people around and the villagers filled the road. I was stunned to see this and my father whispered in my ear: "The whole village is here today to welcome you." The scene was stunning and it touched me so much that there were hot tears in my eyes. Later, I went to the ancestral hall in the village and saw my name being added to the clan records, making me very emotional again. Life overseas means you speak and hear just English, but on that day, I was truly proud of my family name.

To this day, I still feel that not every family can be as warm and united as mine. The care that my parents give is the greatest. When I was young, every time I went out of town to enter a competition, I knew that I would be back in a day or two, but I would still cry my eyes out. My father gave up his job in Canada because I wanted to stay in Hong Kong for my career, so that he could come over and live with me. Sometimes my mother will come over too. Although my family is split over two places, thanks to technology, email and the internet, it is easy to share each others lives, but whenever it is Mother's Day or Father's Day, if there is time, then even if it involves a long flight, then we will try to be together.

When I was young, my mother would tell me stories of how she and my father met and I would listen as if listening to a fairy story. The snow would fall outside, but lying in my mother's arms, it was very romantic. They were married when they were 24, because their past was so romantic and this left a deep impression with me, so since I was young, I had an ambition to be married at the age of 24. However, as you grow up, you start to understand that this ambition is becoming more and more intangible. Firstly you are affected by your career and then the hardest part is finding a partner with whom you can spend the rest of your life with.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Kevin Cheng Held His First Concert In Eleven Years

Kevin Cheng held his first concert in eleven years on Sunday as he took centre stage at the Hong Kong International Trade and Exhibition in Kowloon Bay. Many showbiz friends joined him as guest performers and as well as rumoured girlfriend Niki Chow, others included Karen Tong, Miriam Yeung, Raymond Lam and Ivana Wong. Kevin's mother and TVB executives Catherine Tsang and Virginia Lok were also there to lend their support. Although Kevin and Niki both deny their romance, their fans seem to have accepted this already and when Niki appeared on the stage, the fans were frenzied. As they both have August birthdays, a birthday cake and some wedding dolls were produced for them as gifts and Niki laughed: "It's like a wedding party, isn'tt his a bit over the top? It is my birthday in August, but you don't need to go this far!"

Jacky Cheung worked with Kevin when he was still with Polygram and although he was not there in person, he sent a clip to give Kevin his vote of encouragement. Jacky told of how Kevin was forced to try his luck in Taiwan after his music career did not take off and when he was unhappy, he would talk to Jacky and ask for advice. Jacky says that he hopes Kevin will cherish this new opportunity and everything he has.

After this, Kevin sung Jacky's song "This Winter is Not so Cold", whilst doing a very stiff fan dance, that became quite comical. Even Niki mocked Kevin, telling him never to dance again, but she still scored him 100% for being so brave.

Miriam was the final guest star and she and Kevin talked about how they had met and then Miriam indicated that she has a new song looking for a partner for the music video and she would like Kevin to help her out. Kevin asked for permission from Catherine jokingly, but the executive took this all very seriously and after the show, she approached Miriam and told her Kevin had some time in his schedule to shoot the video for her. At this point, a rather sheepish Miriam apologised to Catherine, saying that she doesn't in fact choose any of her co-stars because this is left to the company to organise.

Kevin has rated himself 60% for this performance and he hopes that he will do even better in the future. He admits that dancing is not his strength and he hopes to improve this. As for the whole 'wedding scene' with Niki, is he quite happy with this? Kevin insists that he is not married yet. As for his fans' acceptance, he says that they just support their characters from "Under the Canopy of Love". When it was suggested that a lot of screen lovers get together, he disagrees and laughs that you can't pair Adam Cheng and Liza Wang together, even if they have worked as a pair so many times.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Kevin Cheng Rehearsing For Mini Concert

Kevin Cheng was rehearsing yesterday for his mini concert and apart from Kevin's performance, there is also a rather impressive guest list, including rumoured girlfriend Niki Chow, Miriam Yeung, Karen Tong, Raymond Lam and Ivana Wong. He also reveals that his mentor Lau Ka Cheung will also be there.

It has been eleven years since Kevin had his own concert and he says that he is feeling nervous and excited, plus there are a lot of friends that he has not invited such as Jacky Cheung. When the press asked him why he had not invited his ex-girlfriend Linda Wang, he immediately said shyly: "I did think about it, but she has married now. Jacky has recorded a clip for me and I will play it during the show. I felt that I did not want to invite everyone in one go, because I hope to have more concerts in the future and if I include any more top guests, I won't have any time to sing myself! (Why did you invite Miriam?) I have known her for a while now after meeting her when I filmed the music video for her song."

With reports that his mentor Lau likely to be arrested by the Nationalist Party (in Taiwan), Kevin says he has heard about this, but he feels it is not his place to ask if his teacher does not want to discuss it. They have spoken on the phone recently, but only about the concert and the music. He says he is already very grateful for Teacher Lau to come and support him.

A little while later, the news broke that Lau would not be attending the concert after all and when asked about this, Kevin indicated that he had only just heard about this. "Maybe he is just busy. I will call him after the show, but I am just preparing for the show now. I don't know how he feels, but I will respect his decision and I hope he will continue to be a happy and smiling Teacher Lau."

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Charmaine Wants To Have 11 Kids

Charmaine Sheh was dressed as a Chinese bride yesterday as she took part in a promotional event for a bedding showroom in Mongkok's Pioneer Centre. Also at the event were lion dancers, which attracted a large crowd in a great atmosphere. When Charmaine arrived on a sedan chair, the nephew of the company's chairman Mr. Choi played the part of the groom in welcoming her, before posing for photos with her for the press on the bed.

Charmaine was happy to have experienced the chinese wedding carriage and believes that in real life, it will be very difficult to have a wedding ceremony on this scale. She says that her ideal wedding ceremony is a little simpler, but she will still satisfy her vanity by having the Chinese and Western ceremony with all the dresses, especially the Chinese dress with the golden pig charm as this is a special feeling that she would like to try.

Asked when she plans to get married, Charmaine says openly that she had thought about getting married at 27 , but now she is already 31 and she has still not confirmed her love, so she will not put a date on her own wedding. However, she would like to have children when she is married because she loves kids and smiles that she would like eleven to make a footbal team. She feels she will have to sacrifice her career when this time comes to look after her children. She is in no hurry though at the moment as she is concentrating on continuing her career.

Charmaine is in no rush to get married, but her grandmother is pusing her to get married, with Charmaine telling her that she has to make more money first. When asked if she had found her ideal man yet, she indicated that she is still looking, because a husband is for life and she would like to find a good one. Asked if current boyfriend Benny Chan is not good enough, Charmaine insists that she is single. So what is her criteria? She indicates that she is looking for someone with a kind and filial heart and the most important thing is that he must love children. So does Benny like children? Charmaine change the subject and evaded the question. Asked what her previous boyfriends have lacked? She says that she lacked time to spend understanding them because her work comes first and she does not have time to think about dating.

With the earlier reports that she was out partying late with Joe Ma,Charmaine explains that they were out celebrating a friend's birthday that night and she only met Joe when she arrived and did not know that he would be there. When it was joked by the press that after Benny, she finally has a new rumoured boyfriend after Benny Chan, Charmaine indicates that she does not want to be linked to a married man.

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Friday, August 18, 2006

'Sweetie Maiden' Bernice

After having two songs on a recent compilation album, Bernice Liu's confidence in her singing ability is growing by the day and recently, she has been invited to sing a children's song duet with Myolie Wu. As they are both busy with their schedules, they have not been able to work together yet and Bernice had to record her own part first.

Nicknamed 'Sweetie Maiden', Bernice kept her beaming smile in the recording studio and she even stuck a pencil in her hair for a a laugh much to the amusement of everyone. Bernice admitted that she was particularly relaxed with this session: "It is a kids song! The only thing I have to remember is when I am singing, I have to raise the tone a little to become a kid myself. The lyrics are very encouraging and one line that reads 'a good competitor is a true friend' gives me a good feeling!"

Singing children's songs makes Bernice feel like time has gone backwards and she is very emotional: "I am very happy and hope that the company can give me more opportunities to sing childrens songs. (Are you challenging Tam Yuk Ying?) Don't say that! As an artiste, I have to try lots of things and sying childrens songs can bring much joy to everyone. I can regain my innocence too, so why not?"

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Kevin At Ermenegildo Zegna Function

Kevin Cheng took part in a catwalk show for men's fashion line Ermenegildo Zegna yesterday, wearing a suit worth $50,000 and although this is the second time that he has appeared as a guest model, he was still rather nervous and seemed a little rushed when he showed off his clothes and making it difficult for the press to photograph him. He laughed: "I am in a hurry because I have to go back to TVB City to work."

Although it was Kevin's birthday on the 15th, he still had to work and magazine reports suggest that he was rather short-tempered whilst filming with Gigi Lai on that day and was ostracised by everyone. He responded to this with frustration as he said: "Of course not! I feel that the people who write these reports are very curious. I am not prejudiced against the paparazzi, but they were following me all night and I just smiled at them most of the time, but they chose to print the pictures of me not smiling, so I can't help that. A lot of things are unnecessary, but I will just reassure myself that I have done nothing wrong." As for suggestions that he does not talk to Gigi, he denies this, saying: "We do chat, but when we did, no-one was photographing us. (Do you feel you have a lot of negative press lately?) I think that artistes and the press are mutually antagonistic and even if artistes do everything right, there will still be negative press. Take Jacky Cheung being accused of assaulting a reporter for example, the most important thing is to have a clear conscience."

As for having to work on his birthday, Kevin still celebrated afterwards, when he went out for a meal. Asked what presents he received, he says that he has not opened many of his presents yet because he has to prepare for his concert in addition to his filming. Has he had any gifts from girls that he fancies? He thinks and then laughs: "No! I am looking for somebody. (Well are there a lot of girls who fancy you?) I think my fans fancy me, so there are a lot!"

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Takungpao, The Sun

Bernice At YSL Function

Designer label YSL held a fashion event earlier, attracting the attendance of many celebrities, including Melissa Ng, Bernice Liu, Fanny Sit, Vanessa Yeung, Brian Chow, Ana R and Amanda Strang. Bernice was dressed in a retro look dress and she explained that she has to go back to work on her series "Murder City Plot" after the event.

Bernice often likes to watch fashion shows and she admits to buying a lot of designer clothing since entering the industry. She says that she is not top to toe in designer gear, but sometimes she likes to mix and match with t-shirts and jeans. She will only dress up for big shows like the Anniversary. Asked if she has bought fakes before, she says she has never done this because she usually shops from the licenced stockists.

Melissa had been photographed being quite close to a male companion at a previous fashion party as they chatted to each other close to their ears, so when she saw the press, she laughed that she was 'out late on the town again'. As for the earlier reports, she says that she does not feel that she has to explain anything because everyone knows that these events are very noisy and you have to talk like that otherwise you cannot hear the other person.

She says that when the news broke, her friend's other half called her and said that they all just found it amusing. Will she avoid such close contact in the future? She says that this is basic social interation and she will not be avoiding it intentionally. Asked if she has explained this to her husband, she immediately reacted quite violently and said that she has no need to explain it to anyone and her husband has not asked her, but she has showed him the reports. Has her husband expressed any displeasure? Melissa says that if their relationship is affected by a few photographs, then there is nothing she can say. Despite clashing in her outfit with Vanessa, the two were not embarrassed at all and graciously posed for photographs together.

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Takungpao, Wen Wei Pao

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Charmaine's Holiday In Hawaii

After a month holiday, Charmaine Sheh finally return to HK. Yesterday, she went on 15/16 gameshow with Miriam Yeung, Eason Chan and Raymond Lam. When asked where did she went for holiday, Charmaine replied that she visited her mum in Hawaii. "There's some problem with her lungs, so she have to underwent a minor surgery. I went there to accompany her."

Charmaine also added that because she bought some chinese herbs, she asked her aunt to accompany along because she doesn't know how to prepare them. With her mum now recuperated, Charmaine feel relieved enough to return to work. Charmaine indicate that she wasn't tanned because she didn't expose herself too much under the sun during her stay in Hawaii.

As Charmaine passed by when MHK candidates were having their screen test, she was teased by reporters who asked if she's coming for the audition. To this, Charmaine joked: "I wish so too! But I joined MHK in 1997, which was nearly 10 years ago!"

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Wen Wei Pao, Mingpao

Tavia Yeung For Breast Enhancement

Tavia Yeung has become spokesperson for the Be A Lady Beauty Centre for their breast enhancement and sculpture system and in order to prove the results of the product, she joined three models to have her bust measured to compare with the results in a hundred days time to prove that the product has worked.

Being measured in public, Tavia was not embarrassed as she measured up as a 31B and she smiled: "It's okay! There is nothing I cannot show. (What measurement would you like your bust to be?) I hope to be a 33C." Asked about her fee, she smiles that it is very good and this product needs to be worn for ten hours a day, but she has to film so is she worried that she will not have enough time to wear it? She says that she will make the most of the time that she has and she will also promote it to other friends who would like to enhance their breasts.

The organisers had arranged for the models to try the enhancement product and it looked quite large and bulky, but Tavia says that she has tried wearing it for five or six hours and she did not feel uncomfortable and she felt good because at least she does not have to take pills or have injuections and it will not reduce in time. Having previously said that she likes her flat chested figure, why is she now looking to enhance her breasts? She says frankly that when she was filming "Casino Crisis" people laughed that her pads were very fake and whenever she removed her pads, people would laugh at her and be surprised at her real figure. This hurt her, so she thought seriously about improving her figure.

She insists that she is not looking to go down the sexy route, but a beautiful shape will make her look even better in some outfits and the only problem she can envisage is that she will have to buy herself a new set of clothes. Asked if she will be wearing skimpy tops more, she smiled: "There are more to come, so wait and see. As long as it is not overly revealing, then I will not object to being sexy." She believes that enhancing her breasts will increase her confidence, but as for whether this will attract more admirers, she smiles: "I am not afraid, this can be a good thing because it proves that I have appeal and attractiveness."

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The Sun, Takungpao

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bernice Liu Filming A New Series

The blessing ceremony for new series “Murderous City Scheme” in the presence of Bernice Liu, Angela Tong and Sunny Chan. Bernice said: “I have already filmed two weeks for this series and this time it is indeed quite exhausting. This is because we often have to go to the outback for outdoor scenes where I have been bitten by many mosquitoes. Even my face was bitten twice!” Bernice hasn’t yet cooperated with the majority of the cast, but the collaboration has been a very happy one.

When mentioning her similar Chinese illiterate co-star Angela, Bernice smiled: “Mine and her script is written in pinyin as we often have to rely on pinyin. Earlier, we had a scene together and the staff placed a bet as in who will speak English first. In the end, I lost!”

In addition, Bernice disclosed that on a previous evening she almost forget her mobile phone in the lavatory. Fortunately, a sanitary worker returned it to her as she expressed: “Actually, this is already the second time that I have left my mobile phone behind.”

In this series, Angela plays a girl from the minority Miao. She disclosed that an accident happened when she was holding a snake earlier as the string around the snake’s mouth was suddenly released. She said: “I was so scared I didn’t know what to do! My entire person stood still. Later, I also have to film in a snake cave. I will wear a tube top and a snake has to move across my body. I am very afraid of snakes, so I will have a chat with the producer about a special arrangement!”

[X] credit: Black Eyed Susan @
Singpao, The Sun

Tavia Yeung, Vivien Yeo & Kenneth Ma Plays Taiwan Mah Jong

Tavia Yeung joined Vivien Yeo and Kenneth Ma at a promotional event yesterday where they had to try their hand at Taiwan Mah Jong, but Tavia and Vivien were very clumsy as Tavia laughs: "Usually I do play Cantonese Mah Jong, but I am not very good and I have no fellow players in the industry because I don't want to hold them up and also because losing money is one thing, losing friendship would be terrible." Wearing a strappy low cut top for the event, she offered a rare glimpse of her sexiness, but she denies she is going down the sexy image route: "I just wanted to give a different feeling to people. In the past I was very wrapped up, but now I want to try healthy sexiness and maturity, but I am no fleshbomb."

was pretty good with his game and he laughs: "When I was a baby, I already learned how to play in the womb and my mother used to hold me when she played, so I could play from an early age, but I don't play very often."

[X] credit: Em @
The Sun