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Friday, August 18, 2006

Bernice At YSL Function

Designer label YSL held a fashion event earlier, attracting the attendance of many celebrities, including Melissa Ng, Bernice Liu, Fanny Sit, Vanessa Yeung, Brian Chow, Ana R and Amanda Strang. Bernice was dressed in a retro look dress and she explained that she has to go back to work on her series "Murder City Plot" after the event.

Bernice often likes to watch fashion shows and she admits to buying a lot of designer clothing since entering the industry. She says that she is not top to toe in designer gear, but sometimes she likes to mix and match with t-shirts and jeans. She will only dress up for big shows like the Anniversary. Asked if she has bought fakes before, she says she has never done this because she usually shops from the licenced stockists.

Melissa had been photographed being quite close to a male companion at a previous fashion party as they chatted to each other close to their ears, so when she saw the press, she laughed that she was 'out late on the town again'. As for the earlier reports, she says that she does not feel that she has to explain anything because everyone knows that these events are very noisy and you have to talk like that otherwise you cannot hear the other person.

She says that when the news broke, her friend's other half called her and said that they all just found it amusing. Will she avoid such close contact in the future? She says that this is basic social interation and she will not be avoiding it intentionally. Asked if she has explained this to her husband, she immediately reacted quite violently and said that she has no need to explain it to anyone and her husband has not asked her, but she has showed him the reports. Has her husband expressed any displeasure? Melissa says that if their relationship is affected by a few photographs, then there is nothing she can say. Despite clashing in her outfit with Vanessa, the two were not embarrassed at all and graciously posed for photographs together.

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