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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bernice Films Execution Scene

Bernice Liu has been filming an execution scene in her new series "Murder City Plot", where Sunny Chan plays the executioner and she had to kneel all day for the shoot, leaving her with bruises on her knees. In the 30 degree heat, Bernice had to wear her long costume and was so hot that she almost suffered from sunstroke. She smiled: "I had to cry all through this scene and it was very upsetting, so I managed to cry all day without using eyedrops."

When they shot close ups of Sunny bringing the sword down on her, Bernice was able to snatch some time to rest and she says: "After I had moved away, the blade flew off the handle and Sunny says that if I was there, I would have been injured, so I was very lucky and should go and buy a lottery ticket!".

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