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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bernice Liu Filming A New Series

The blessing ceremony for new series “Murderous City Scheme” in the presence of Bernice Liu, Angela Tong and Sunny Chan. Bernice said: “I have already filmed two weeks for this series and this time it is indeed quite exhausting. This is because we often have to go to the outback for outdoor scenes where I have been bitten by many mosquitoes. Even my face was bitten twice!” Bernice hasn’t yet cooperated with the majority of the cast, but the collaboration has been a very happy one.

When mentioning her similar Chinese illiterate co-star Angela, Bernice smiled: “Mine and her script is written in pinyin as we often have to rely on pinyin. Earlier, we had a scene together and the staff placed a bet as in who will speak English first. In the end, I lost!”

In addition, Bernice disclosed that on a previous evening she almost forget her mobile phone in the lavatory. Fortunately, a sanitary worker returned it to her as she expressed: “Actually, this is already the second time that I have left my mobile phone behind.”

In this series, Angela plays a girl from the minority Miao. She disclosed that an accident happened when she was holding a snake earlier as the string around the snake’s mouth was suddenly released. She said: “I was so scared I didn’t know what to do! My entire person stood still. Later, I also have to film in a snake cave. I will wear a tube top and a snake has to move across my body. I am very afraid of snakes, so I will have a chat with the producer about a special arrangement!”

[X] credit: Black Eyed Susan @
Singpao, The Sun


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