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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bosco Wong Does Not Spend Women’s Money And Is Currently Saving For His Future Wife

Rumours of Bosco Wong Chung Chak (黃宗澤) and Myolie Wu Hang Yee (胡杏兒) long began when they were filming “War of In-Laws” 《我的野蠻奶奶》. Although the two of them denied claims that they were dating, a recent report indicated that Bosco, who lives in Shatin, had already moved into Myolie’s house. The two of them had allegedly started living together a month and a half ago. Bosco was also photographed by the media leaving by taxi around Myolie’s condo. Reports also said that the bed noises produced by the two of them were very disruptive, resulting in complaints by neighbours. Yesterday, Bosco stumbled on his words when trying to respond to the allegations. At first he said that he was coming out from Kowloon area. Afterwards, he said that he took the taxi to work from Shatin, making contradicting statements.

Bosco said that he hasn’t seen the news, but he denied living together with Myolie, insisting that they are purely friends. When asked where he took the taxi from on that day, he said he came from the Kowloon area. “(Were you visiting Myolie?) When I was photographed by her door, you say we’re living together. When I was photograhed driving her home, you say I was chasing her. So I just treat these reports like a joke. (The reports said that your bed noises were too loud, resulting in complaints from neighbours?) These kind of words will teach bad things to little kids. Besides, my neighbours in Shatin never complained about me. (Have you ever visited Myolie?) If she falls sick and ends up in the hospital, I’ll visit her. After all, friends do that. But I’ve never went to Myolie’s house alone, only with our manager.”

Taxi Taking A Detour And Passing By Myolie’s House
Bosco, who lives in Shatin, explained, “That day, the taxi took a detour, so passed by there. It’s pretty much on the way. But I didn’t go up to Myolie’s place.” Bosco said that he is currently living together with two dogs. “(Do you always take this route whenever you go to work?) No, only when I need to film outdoor scenes do I need to take detours. (Reports said that your bed noises were very disruptive?) At my house, the most you’d hear are dogs barking, and the voice of my mom telling me to drink my soup. (Do you accept the idea of couples living together?) I can accept living together with dogs. As for living with people, I don’t know yet. Right now, my work is first priority. (They said that you have a long history of relationships, do you leech off girls?) This topic has been mentioned before. Everyone who has eyes can see. I’ve taken on a lot of advertisements this year. The money I’ve earned is definitely enough for my parents, for myself, my car, and my dogs. I will also not spend a woman’s money. Right now, I’m working hard to save money to buy a house and to take care of my future wife. However, I still haven’t met a suitable candidate. The company is pretty open about this, and wouldn’t give me any pressure. (Do you think Myolie is too fat?) It’s not up to me to decide whether she’s too fat. (Do you like her fat or skinny?) It’s not up to me to like. I really don’t care whether the girl is fat or skinny, as long as she’s healthy. (Would you send SMS?) I don’t need to. The studios are so close, I can just walk over and tell her.”

Refuses To Judge “Fat or Skinny”
Myolie was asked about her rumours with Bosco, she said that she had been very busy with work during this period, and didn’t know what happened. She also hadn’t been noticing the reports. When mentioning that Bosco appeared near her condo, she said, “There are a lot of people living in that building, he doesn’t necessarily have to be looking for me.” Then did he send you any SMS? Myolie indicated that when she’s working, she leaves her phone with her assistant. Plus, she’s too busy, so she didn’t really notice. When asked if she were to date someone in showbiz, would she openly admit it like Cecilia and Nicholas? Myolie honestly said she didn’t know. It really depends on who it was, and would consider a lot of other factors.


Bosco Wong, Ron Ng, Justin Lo, Bernice Liu, Alex Fong (Lik San), Stephy Tang, Stephanie Cheng and Fiona Sit were all guests at a charity event yesterday, where the umbrellas designed by the eight stars went on sale. Each of the guests were presented with a token of thanks from host Cha Siu Yan, which was a gold plate with a letter on it, representing different meanings. Justin received 'M' for 'make money' and 'make music. Stephy received the letter 'A' for Grade A, but she mistook this for meaning 'A cup' and called out: "I am not that small!" Bosco received the letter 'G' for 'Good', but his good friend Ron joked that this was 'Good Girl'.

With new rumours linking
Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu, there are suggestions that the two are living together with photographs of Bosco in a taxi near Myolie's home. Bosco was asked about these rumours by the press and he seemed a little awkward, insisting that he and Myolie are just friends and are not living together.

During the event,
Bosco had to make sweet dumplings and his partner Ron Ng not only did not help him, but even laughed that his dumplings were Myolie. In response to the taxi sightings, Bosco gave the confused response: "It's up to the taxi which way it goes." With the reports suggesting he had left from Myolie's home, Bosco explained that he was returning from Kowloon. So are they living together? He says: "Of course not, it is always like this. You see me at the door and you say we are co-habiting. You photograph my car and say that I am courting her."

So why was he passing near
Myolie's home? Bosco stuttered: "I was going to work and the taxi happened to pass by. (Even when you live in Shatin?) The taxi must have taken a detour." So did he drop by at Myolie's home? He says he did not and says that he lives with his parents and his beloved dog in Shatin. The reports suggest that he and Myolie seemed very close and passionate at home, but Bosco insists: "The only sounds coming from my home are the barking of my dog and the calls of my mother to come and drink soup." The reports also suggested that the noise disturbed the neighbours, but Bosco says: "I live in Shatin, none of my neighbours have complained. (Will you visit Myolie?) If she was not well in hospital, I would go and visit her." When pushed for an answer, he admits that he has been with his manager, but not on his own.

The report went on to suggest that he likes to live off women. Losing his patience,
Bosco said: "People can see for themselves, I have done a lot of things this year and made lots of ads, earning enough money to keep myself, my parents and my car. I am now saving up for a new apartment and to get married. The money I have earned this year from ads is enough to keep me going for several years." Asked if he will get married, he says that he has not found the ideal partner yet and if he was to get married now, he would feel like he is forsaking the company for giving him so many opportunities. For now, he will keep working hard. Is he not admitting his relationship because of pressure from TVB? Bosco says that the company is always very open and have not given him any pressure. As for suggestions that he finds Myolie too fat, Bosco denies this saying: "I didn't say that, the producer did! (Do you prefer fat Myolie or thin Myolie?) That's not up to me, it is up to the sponsors. (Do you like fat girls?) Thin or fat is both fine as long as they are healthy." Bosco insists that his relationship with Myolie is purely platonic.

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