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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bosco Wong Exposes His Nipples While Moses Chan Reveals His Belly

For Lau Ka Ho’s new series, Moses Chan Ho (陳豪), Bosco Wong Chung Chak (黃宗澤), and Tavia Yeung Yi (楊怡), were filming a water scene at the Sai Kung beach last Saturday night (August 12th). The story speaks of a naive guy (Moses) who had just had an argument with his family, so he called out his good friend (Bosco) to chill out at the beach. Under the extremely hot weather, Bosco was more than happy to know that they would be filming a water scene, appearing on the set in a wifebeater and shorts. Not only did this show off his well defined muscles, but he also exposed his “two points” (nipples). On the other hand, Moses, who was always dubbed the “King of Abs”, was clearly a lot more conservative, showing up in a full body wetsuit. After soaking in water, Moses’ suit tightly wrapped his figure, revealing his belly. Looks like it’s about time for Moses to get a good workout.

In the extreme heat, Bosco, who had changed into a wifebeater and shorts, appeared very excited about this scene, often walking to the shore to play with the water with his feet. In contrast, “Lady Killer” Moses would rather suffer in sweat, insisting on wearing a full body wet suit.

After the two of them completed the water scene, Moses’ suit became tightly wrapped against his body, revealing his belly and thick thighs. It was no wonder Moses often complained that he needed to keep fit recently. On the contrary, after getting wet, Bosco was not shy about letting people admire his toned body. However, every time he got in and out of the water, he would cover his lower body with a towel, afraid of exposing himself down there. Since he couldn’t cover both his upper and lower body, as soon as he emerged from water, his nipples were exposed, resulting in screams from female fans on the site.

When it came to their body shape and figure, Moses had clearly lost to Bosco. As soon as he completed his parts for the scene, he quickly left the set, and even deliberately took a detour to avoid reporters. Bosco, on the other hand, looked very confident. While he was cleaning off his feet, a group of middle-aged female fans surrounded him to take photos and sign autographs. Looks like Bosco might have a chance to replace Moses and become the new generation “Lady Killer”.

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