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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bosco Wong & Tavia Yeung Kisses Passionately

On the night before last, Bosco Wong Chung Chak (黃宗澤) and Tavia Yeung Yi (楊怡) were filming a passionate kissing scene under a signal 3 typhoon. Just when they were about to film the scene, the weather suddenly worsened. Tavia, who didn’t want to cancel and refilm the scene again, rushed the crew and said, “Hurry up! We’re kissing no matter what!” As soon as she said that, Bosco teased her, and said that she was so eager.

In Lau Ka Wai’s new series, Bosco and Tavia engaged in a passionate relationship. The series spoke of Tavia, who was a married woman, wanting to break up with Bosco until after she officially filed a divorce. But in the end, they realized they couldn’t leave each other, and so they ended up kissing passionately. This scene has been previously cancelled twice. They were filming it for the third time that night, when a signal 3 typhooon was issued. The filming went pretty smoothly at first, but just when they were about to film the kissing shot, the weather suddenly worsened. So Tavia hastily said “Hurry Up! We’re kissing no matter what!” She was immediately teased by Bosco, “Whoa, you’re so eager!” Fortunately, they managed to successfully complete the scene.

Bosco and Tavia cooperated many times as a lovers, so it was not surprising that the passionate kissing shot was successfully completed in one take. They definitely had a lot of chemistry. However, as soon as the shot was completed, Tavia said, “Wow, my upper lip has so much saliva!” Bosco retaliated by saying, “My bottom lip has a lot of saliva too!”, creating a very humourous scene.

This is the fourth time Bosco is working with Tavia. He said, “I don’t want to face Tavia anymore!” When asked whether he only wanted to be with Myolie Wu Hang Yee (胡杏兒), Tavia, who was standing beside him, nodded and laughed at him. Bosco said he didn’t tell Myolie about the passionate scene. “She should treat me to dinner. All the reports were about me. I’ve taken most of it for her. (The reports said that you lived off women. Are you angry?) Nope, I was never angry, just a little upset.”


Bosco Wong and Tavia Yeung were filming a kissing scene for Lau Ka Ho's new series two nights ago in the middle of a Number 3 Tropical Storm warning. In the scene, the two play passionate lovers, but for Tavia, who is married, she wants to leave lover Bosco before she has a divorce, but they can't bear to leave each other and result in a steamy kiss. Two earlier shoots had been cancelled and despite the bad weather, the third shoot went smoothly to start with, but as the two got close to kiss, it suddenly started blowing a gale and raining heavily. Seeing this, Tavia immediately said hastily: "Hurry up! We have to finish kissing!". Bosco immediately laughed: "Wow, you are very desperate!". Fortunately they successfully completed the shoot in the end.

Having played lovers before, there were no obstacles for
Bosco and Tavia, so little wonder that they only took one take to complete the scene as they worked together well. However, after the shoot, Tavia exclaimed: "Wah! There is a lot of saliva on my lips!". Not to be outdone, Bosco replied: "I have a lot of saliva on my bottom lip too!" causing a lot of laughs.

Having worked with
Tavia now on four occasions, Bosco says: "I don't want to have to be sorry to her again!" Asked if he only wants to be with Myolie, Tavia nodded jokingly and when asked if he had reported this kiss scene to Myolie, Bosco said: "She should take me out for dinner because the news is just reporting about me and I am helping her out! (Are you angry at the magazines saying that you spend women's money?) No, I don't get angry with people, but I was a little unhappy."

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