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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Charmaine's Holiday In Hawaii

After a month holiday, Charmaine Sheh finally return to HK. Yesterday, she went on 15/16 gameshow with Miriam Yeung, Eason Chan and Raymond Lam. When asked where did she went for holiday, Charmaine replied that she visited her mum in Hawaii. "There's some problem with her lungs, so she have to underwent a minor surgery. I went there to accompany her."

Charmaine also added that because she bought some chinese herbs, she asked her aunt to accompany along because she doesn't know how to prepare them. With her mum now recuperated, Charmaine feel relieved enough to return to work. Charmaine indicate that she wasn't tanned because she didn't expose herself too much under the sun during her stay in Hawaii.

As Charmaine passed by when MHK candidates were having their screen test, she was teased by reporters who asked if she's coming for the audition. To this, Charmaine joked: "I wish so too! But I joined MHK in 1997, which was nearly 10 years ago!"

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Wen Wei Pao, Mingpao


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