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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Claire Yiu's New Sexy Ad

Claire Yiu's latest set of ads for her slimming company sponsors was released recently and she is very happy to be spokesperson for the company.

In order to maintain her perfect figure, then Claire has been dieting in addition to her weekly visits to the slimming centre. She showed off six or seven different images for this set of ads, trying on six or seven different bikinis to show off her great figure. The shoot took ten hours to complete and she laughs that she is quite resistant because she has become accustomed to it from filming series. During the shoot, her mother was on hand to keep an eye on things and the photographer invited her to join and have some mother and daughter shots too. Claire says she loves to eat, but thanks to the care she received from her mother, she is confident in her figure. She did not ask for a clear set either for the shoot as she laughs: "My figure is nothing I need to hide."

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