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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Drunkard Threw Up On Ron

Michael Tao and Ron Ng were filming yesterday for "Cadets on the Beat" in a scene where experienced officer Michael is taking new rookie Ron on the beat, but they meet a drunkard, who is sick over Ron before throwing beer and rubbish at him. Ron says: "This vomit is made from biscuits, milk, fruit peel and a little alcohol and is very lifelike. (Have you met drunks like this in real life before?) Of course not! If I see them, I will avoid them immediately and not approach them or stick around."

Wearing a police uniform for the first time, Michael says it is hard work: "This is my first time in the uniform and I never realised there would be so many rules around it. I am not allowed to smoke or sit down and can only take my cap off. This is to maintain the image of the police, so I have to comply. My legs are aching from standing for so long, but I have cut down on smoking since filming this series." Michael laughs that there is more to come as he adds: "This is nothing compared to when I have to go to PTU for training. I will be climbing hills, doing fitness training and canoeing, so it will be very tough."

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The Sun, Oriental Daily


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