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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Gigi Lai & Kevin Cheng Filming Under Intense Summer Heat

Gigi Lai and Kevin Cheng were filming in the intense summer heat for new series "An Easy Life" on the beach. In a seemingly romantic scene, it was so hot that neither of them were in the right mood. However, Gigi was able to cry on cue at a sensitive moment and completed the scene in one take as her tears flooded out. Kevin on the other hand was not as successful on his reaction scene as his sweat dripped constantly down the side of his face.

During the rest periods, Gigi hid in the shade of an umbrella and she laughed: "It is too sunny and I am already a little faint. I need the headdress from 'The Dance of Passion' to cover my head." Working in the nauseating heat, Gigi could only watch the dog swimming in the sea to try and cool herself down.

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Oriental Daily


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