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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Kevin Cheng Embarrased By Photographer

Kevin Cheng is back on the music scene and his new album "Kevin Cheng's New Songs and Compilation" will be released on Saturday 5th August. Kevin is very grateful for the chance to release his album. The design department of his record company has created a homely man look for him, wearing a white top and boxer shorts and giving everyone a nice surprise.

At first,
Kevin was a little embarrassed with this look and asked the photographer to let him warm up with a long sleeved top. After this, he took the plunge and got into his vest and boxers, cooking at a kitchen counter. Kevin proved that he is not just a pretty face as he showed off his kitchen skills, only slipping up when he was chopping the sweet peppers and onions, when he managed to get the pepper seeds all over the place. As a house-husband, he was also arranged to do some ironing, but he was asked to burn the clothes this time! Kevin later admitted that he has never ironed his own clothes before.

The shoot went smoothly and was good fun and after this, the photographer asked him to sit on the table. After
Kevin obediently complied, the photographer then suddenly called out: "Open your legs!" A rather stunned Kevin did not know how to react and joked timidly to the photographer: "You are the first person to ask me to do that!" causing plenty of laughs from the crew.

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Takungpao, The Sun, Wen Wei Pao


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