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Friday, August 04, 2006

Kevin Cheng, Jacky Wong, & Kenny Kwan At The Opening Of A Japanese Electricals Store

Kenny Kwan held his second autograph event yesterday, where 300 lucky fans were able to meet him. Before this, he took part in an opening of a Japanese Electricals Store together with Kevin Cheng and child star Jacky Wong. As Kenny is the spokesperson for this company, not only does he have his own stand there, they also presented him with two phones.

Kevin is back in the music industry after eleven years and his new compilation album went on sale yesterday. He says that he will not be nervous about this and just face what comes because he has matured a lot now. Asked if he will be buying his own record for luck, he says: "I have done this before when I first released albums, but then I stopped and the releases stopped too. I really should do it this time, but I am already very hard faced and have told my family and friends to buy it themselves to support me."

Kenny reveals that he had earlier presented his manager Mani Fok with a computer worth about $10,000 but was scolded about this afterwards. He forces a smile and says: "She told me off saying: 'What are you doing spending this money? I don't want these things, I just want you to be good.' She doesn't like me spending money." Kenny was earlier photographed wakeboarding and going for a shower in his wetsuit. When asked why he did not wear his trunks when he went for a shower, he explained: "I originally did want to, but I received a call from the company that there were press there, so I daren't take my wetpants off."

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