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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Kevin Cheng Will Celebrate Birthday On The 15th

Kevin Cheng will be celebrating his birthday on the 15th of this month and yesterday, he had an early celebration with over a hundred fans, attended by special guest child star Jacky Wong, with whom Kevin had earlier filmed an ad with. Kevin received many gifts from his fans and then cut the cake. When asked how old he is, Kevin says that since he turned thirty, he has started counting backwards, so he is probably younger than Alan Tam's eternal 25, so he would rather not say.

On his birthday this year, Kevin will be filming in the studio. He says: "Every year, I will met with my fans and this year I decided to celebrate my birthday with them." Asked what gift he would like to receive, he indicated that he would like his record will do well and from what he has heard, it is doing quite well.

As for his birthday wish, he hopes for good health. Asked if he would like to find a partner, he smiles that this cannot be rushed. He explains that he has had an illness before and if he is ill, then even if he had an opportunity to make money, this would be useless. In the past, he has stayed in hospital before and was not able to eat anything or do any work. So is he looking after himself more now? Kevin says that he will try his best to look after his health, but sometimes he has no choice but to work through the night.

Although there is a few days until his birthday, Kevin has already received a necklace from his friends. Has Niki given him anything? He smiles that she hasn't, but if she buys him something, then he will get her something too because she also has a birthday this month. Will he invite her out for dinner? Kevin laughs that he doesn't even have time to go out with his family, never mind his friends.

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