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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Kevin Cheng Working To Fulfill A Promise To His Mother

Kevin Cheng and Kenny Kwan together with newcomer Will and child star Jacky Wong have signed as spokespersons for two new design ranges and a special signing event was held yesterday.

Kevin indicates that he has always been interested in the world of design and the organisers have agreed that if he was to buy a property, they will provide him with all the design and engineering work and furniture for it. Asked if he has plans to buy a new home, Kevin says that he has promise his mother that he will buy her an apartment, but this has never been fulfilled, so he hopes that he can finally make his promise come true next year. He plays to buy a 1000 square-foot apartment for her that should cost about six to seven million dollars. As he has to meet this target, he has to work hard to make more money. Asked if he has made a promise to marry a wife too, Kevin laughs that this he daren't promise because you can't put a timescale on it.

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Wen Wei Po, Takungpao


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