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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Raymond Lam Is Prince Charming

Raymond Lam appeared as a Prince Charming at the 4th Duet Singing Contest in Xiamen earlier for the opening and as a guest performer, singing a song entitled "Meeting in Xiamen". This contest is the biggest duet competition in the world and even Chairman Hu has sent his best wishes for the event. Raymond is honoured to be invited to take part and said happily: "I feel a great honour to have this opportunity because all the contestants are winners in their own right, so I am quite nervous."

Although there were many great singers at the competition, totalling 400 acts from 80 different countries all around the world,
Raymond's performance was great too and he received rousing applause from the audience. As his song is not a pop song and is a rather classical piece, there was a level of difficulty for him, but as Raymond has studied vocal pitch and has a musical background, he even won the praise of Xiamen's mayor for his performance. When Raymond was asked if he is happy with his performance, he said modestly: "Not really, I felt that I could have been even better because I have only rehearsed it properly a few times because I have only just returned from filming in Shanghai. I really was quite nervous because as well as many professional winning singers present, I am back in my own city, so I am taking this event very seriously." As this was a live broadcast event, many people were able to tune in and watch the show, so no wonder that Raymond was quite nervous. After the performance, he breathed a huge sigh of relief.

The organisers invited
Raymond to perform at this show because they liked his appearance in a special show for his former school and they felt he had a very healthy image. During rehearsals, many people asked for Raymond's autograph and to have their photographs taken. As Raymond hails from Xiamen, he felt like he was returning home with glory. Raymond's mother even made him some special soup to help keep his throat in top condition. His parents and many relatives and friends still live in Xiamen as well as many of his fans, who went to the airport to meet him and present him with flowers and gifts. Raymond could not stay for too long though as he had to return to Hong Kong to film for Lau Ka Ho's new series.

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Takungpao, Wen Wei Pao


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