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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ron Ng During Rescue Scene

Ron Ng was filming in Yau Ma Tei for new series "Cadets on the Beat" in a rescue scene where he had to save a dog. The scene tells of how Ron is ordered to go and help rescue a dog for a child, but he slips and ends up landing in a pile of rubbish. As they needed to film from many different angles, Ron had to repeat the scene over ten times and this was very hard work for him.

Although it was hot and he was sweating a lot, Ron still did the climbing without a fear, but when it came to filming the falling scene, Ron stood to one side and photographed his body double carrying out the stunt for him. Asked why Ron had chickened out of the scene, he explained: "Usually these scenes will be shot by the stuntmen. If I did it, then they would not have a job. Even if I offered to do it, the director would not allow this. (They are looking after you?) They look out for everyone. I don't get enough sleep, so the company will not allow me to do these action shots because if I am injured then it will affect the whole team."

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