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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Ron Ng & Kate Tsui On The Set Of "Cadets on the Beat"

Kate Tsui was filming yesterday for "Cadets on the Beat" in a scene where she had to chase her mother played by Lo Koon Lan down the street. The story tells of how they are almost knocked over but her cousin Ron Ng rescues her at the last moment. Unfortunately, just as they shot this scene, the heavens opened and the rain stopped the filming, so the scene will need to be re-shot. In the show, Kate has a secret crush on Ron and she laughs: "I don't get him though because he really just treats me like a cousin, so there is nothing I can do. For the show, I have had to cut my hair short and I have been doing a lot of sport, so I am very toned." She also reveals that when she entered Miss Hong Kong, she had already worked with Ron because Ron was the guest performer and he had accompanied her onto the stage. Ron says: "I didn't know if I had to pick her up, but I wasn't afraid of not being able to lift her because I had eaten breakfast and when I was a dancer, I was always the 'base' and was trained to pick up the girls. I have a nickname called 'King of Bases' and I am used to lifting and holding people."

Sonija Kwok was also filming yesterday for "Cadets" back at TVB City and she revealed that she had wanted to become a police officer when she was small and when she was a flight attendant, she had decided to apply to become an officer, but when it came to handing in her application, the female police officer suggested she should enter Miss Hong Kong. Later, on the day of the interview, she was due to fly and had to give up on the idea. Thinking back to winning Miss Hong Kong, Sonija is grateful to the suggestion she received from the police officer, if not then she may not have the success she does today.

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