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Monday, August 14, 2006

Ron Ng Was Mistaken As An Indian!

Ron Ng joined Thai reality TV contestant Tui at an event at the Thai TV station yesterday. As Ron's series "Triumph in the Skies" is currently airing in Thailand, Tui sees Ron as his idol and as Ron demonstrated some dance moves from Japanese Series "Densha Otoko", Tui took the opportunity to learn from him.

Despite once being a dancer, Ron has been criticised about not being able to dance,but at yesterday's event, he performed bravely, as the press announced that his dancing skill has returned, but Ron smiled confidently: "It never went away!" Ron has a nicely tanned complexion and he laughs that when he was young, he and his elder sister were mistaken as Indians. Asked if he was unhappy about this, he said: "I was not unhappy, I have some Indian friends and they are handsome men and pretty girls. (Do you hope to find an Indian girlfriend?) I would like that!"

indicates that he has learned some basic Thai from the event and when it was mentioned that the Thai pronunciation sounds like Chinese expletives, he says: "I will have to hear more before I speak it, that will make it more accurate." Ron also reveals that as he has to repay the gods, he goes to Thailand once a year. Asked what he is praying for, he says he prays for his career and his health. Asked if he would also like his gossip to go away, he says: "This is all part of the job."

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