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Monday, August 07, 2006

Ron Ng Was Mocked

Cherrie Ying, Ron Ng and Jade Kwan took part in a skincare product promotion yesterday and shared their skincare tips. Ron have a female fan a facial and he says that this is the first time he has been to the 'service' of a lady. Ron was earlier mocked for his mistake around his idol Johnny Depp's name when he was talking about the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie and he was a little embarrased by this as he admitted he needed to have a crash course in English and watch more episodes of "English in One Minute".

Jade has successfully lost 8 lbs lately and has tanned her skin because she has been swimming a lot. Originally she had wanted to go wakeboarding with Calvin Choi (Grasshoppers) but because he has to rehears for his concert, she has taken lessons from another teacher. Cherrie is very busy lately filming on the mainland as well as in movies. Asked if this was because Cecilia Cheung had been dropped from her company, Cherrie says that this is just because she has found some suitable work. She adds that Cecilia has done well and has won awards, so she will turn her sights onto other things like dating. She is only 23 years old, so she will wait a few more years before she starts thinking about dating, marriage and starting a family. Asked about Jordan Chan's recent car accident, Cherrie says that when she saw his car had overturned, she was very shocked, but when she found out he was able to walk out of the hospital himself, then she was relieved. She will send him a text to wish him well.

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