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Friday, August 18, 2006

'Sweetie Maiden' Bernice

After having two songs on a recent compilation album, Bernice Liu's confidence in her singing ability is growing by the day and recently, she has been invited to sing a children's song duet with Myolie Wu. As they are both busy with their schedules, they have not been able to work together yet and Bernice had to record her own part first.

Nicknamed 'Sweetie Maiden', Bernice kept her beaming smile in the recording studio and she even stuck a pencil in her hair for a a laugh much to the amusement of everyone. Bernice admitted that she was particularly relaxed with this session: "It is a kids song! The only thing I have to remember is when I am singing, I have to raise the tone a little to become a kid myself. The lyrics are very encouraging and one line that reads 'a good competitor is a true friend' gives me a good feeling!"

Singing children's songs makes Bernice feel like time has gone backwards and she is very emotional: "I am very happy and hope that the company can give me more opportunities to sing childrens songs. (Are you challenging Tam Yuk Ying?) Don't say that! As an artiste, I have to try lots of things and sying childrens songs can bring much joy to everyone. I can regain my innocence too, so why not?"

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