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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tavia Yeung, Vivien Yeo & Kenneth Ma Plays Taiwan Mah Jong

Tavia Yeung joined Vivien Yeo and Kenneth Ma at a promotional event yesterday where they had to try their hand at Taiwan Mah Jong, but Tavia and Vivien were very clumsy as Tavia laughs: "Usually I do play Cantonese Mah Jong, but I am not very good and I have no fellow players in the industry because I don't want to hold them up and also because losing money is one thing, losing friendship would be terrible." Wearing a strappy low cut top for the event, she offered a rare glimpse of her sexiness, but she denies she is going down the sexy image route: "I just wanted to give a different feeling to people. In the past I was very wrapped up, but now I want to try healthy sexiness and maturity, but I am no fleshbomb."

was pretty good with his game and he laughs: "When I was a baby, I already learned how to play in the womb and my mother used to hold me when she played, so I could play from an early age, but I don't play very often."

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